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How to detect the title command using a mod?


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What I intend to do is create a mod to "facilitate" an interesting fishing system on a Skyblock server, which means that when the animation of fishing a fish comes out, a progress bar appears (the bar is represented by this character █ and repeats about 30 times horizontally, normal cells are green and "pickup" cells are orange ~this falls on the fish's "level" of rarity, common is a band of 8-9 █, rare is a 6 █ stripe and legendary is a 4 █ stripe~; while from left to right and from right to left ~return~, each cell changes color to red as representing where to right click to pick up the fish, if you click on the in the orange area, you get the fish but if you click outside, you get a message that the fish was not caught), then I intuited that there will be a plugin (a plugin that seems to be designed by the owner of the server and is exclusive to that server) where it takes a random number between 1 to 30 where it is chosen the range of the orange stripe and then the range from 1 to 30 is iterated and that when you click the iterated number is obtained and compared with the range of numbers of the orange stripe (I think that is the logic of the functionality of the plugin).

So my question is, how can I detect the /title text that appears on the screen of that progress bar, if I don't know the variable that causes a fish to be caught when I click, how can I "check" between each and each character if a character change color and right click automatically accordingly?


PS: I made an external program that does that recognition and it runs perfectly but if there is a way to generate a mod that would be great.

PS 2: This bar does not appear as Minecraft usually shows it, it appears exactly centered both vertically and horizontally, additionally it does not appear with a shadow, it is only those characters mentioned above.

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@diesieben07 I'm sorry you consider it cheating but I don't consider making it automatic to be totally cheating; I work creating automations and my job is to make people's lives easier with their manual processes, so I wanted to "facilitate" or "automate" that curious way of fishing on that server, it's as if a human were really "fishing" without being but if they don't help with this, that's fine, I'll find another way to do it, thanks.

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