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hurtBreak method not working


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I'm trying to make an jetpack, but I can't make the item receive damage. I think it has something to do with the client side.

Here's the code:

public class JetPack extends ArmorItem implements Wearable, IForgeItem {

    final int chargeTick = 15;

    public JetPack(Properties p_40388_) {
        super(new JetPackMaterial().MATERIAL, EquipmentSlot.CHEST, p_40388_);
        DispenserBlock.registerBehavior(this, ArmorItem.DISPENSE_ITEM_BEHAVIOR);

    public int getMaxDamage(ItemStack stack) {
        return 64;

    public boolean isValidRepairItem(ItemStack p_41134_, ItemStack p_41135_) {
        return p_41135_.is(Items.GUNPOWDER);


    public static boolean isEnabled(ItemStack p_41141_) {
        return p_41141_.getDamageValue() < p_41141_.getMaxDamage() - 1;

    public InteractionResultHolder<ItemStack> use(Level p_41137_, Player p_41138_, InteractionHand p_41139_) {
        ItemStack itemstack = p_41138_.getItemInHand(p_41139_);
        EquipmentSlot equipmentslot = Mob.getEquipmentSlotForItem(itemstack);
        ItemStack itemstack1 = p_41138_.getItemBySlot(equipmentslot);
        if (itemstack1.isEmpty()) {
            p_41138_.setItemSlot(equipmentslot, itemstack.copy());
            if (!p_41137_.isClientSide()) {

            return InteractionResultHolder.sidedSuccess(itemstack, p_41137_.isClientSide());
        } else {
            return InteractionResultHolder.fail(itemstack);


    public String getArmorTexture(ItemStack stack, Entity entity, EquipmentSlot slot, String type) {
        if(stack.getItem() instanceof JetPack){
            if(slot.getIndex() == 1){
                return new ResourceLocation(ExampleMod.MOD_ID, "textures/models/armor/jetpack_layer_2.png").toString();
            return new ResourceLocation(ExampleMod.MOD_ID, "textures/models/armor/jetpack_layer_1.png").toString();
        return null;

    public void initializeClient(Consumer<IItemRenderProperties> consumer) {
        consumer.accept(new IItemRenderProperties() {
            public <A extends HumanoidModel<?>> A getArmorModel(LivingEntity entity, ItemStack stack, EquipmentSlot slot, A properties) {
                HumanoidModel<?> model = slot.equals(EquipmentSlot.LEGS) ? new HumanoidModel<>(ModModelLayers.PLAYER_FIT_INNER_ARMOR.bakeRoot())
                        : new HumanoidModel<>(ModModelLayers.PLAYER_FIT_OUTER_ARMOR.bakeRoot());

                model.crouching = properties.crouching;
                model.riding = properties.riding;
                model.young = properties.young;

                return (A) model;


    public void onArmorTick(ItemStack stack, Level world, Player player) {
        int tick = 0;
        if(stack.getOrCreateTag().contains("ChargeTick")) {
            tick = stack.getOrCreateTag().getInt("ChargeTick");
            if(tick > 0 && player.isOnGround()){
                tick = 0;
        if(tick > 0) {
        if(tick == 0){
            player.level.addParticle(ModParticles.BLOCK_OFF_SIDE_PARTICLE.get(), player.getRandomX(0.5D), player.getRandomY() - 0.25D, player.getRandomZ(0.5D), (player.getRandom().nextDouble() - 0.5D) * 2.0D, -player.getRandom().nextDouble(), (player.getRandom().nextDouble() - 0.5D) * 2.0D);


        stack.getOrCreateTag().putInt("ChargeTick", tick);

    public boolean hasCharge(ItemStack stack){
            return stack.getOrCreateTag().getInt("ChargeTick") < 0;
        return false;

    public void uncharge(ItemStack stack){
        stack.getOrCreateTag().putInt("ChargeTick", chargeTick);

    public boolean canElytraFly(ItemStack stack, net.minecraft.world.entity.LivingEntity entity) {
        if(JetPack.isEnabled(stack) && !entity.isInWater() && !entity.isOnGround() && hasCharge(stack)){
            jump(stack, entity);
            stack.hurtAndBreak(1, entity, e -> e.broadcastBreakEvent(EquipmentSlot.CHEST));
        return false;

    public void jump(ItemStack stack, LivingEntity entity) {
        Vec3 vec = entity.getDeltaMovement();
        double vetY = Math.max(entity.getDeltaMovement().add(0, 0.5, 0).y(), 0.25F);
        Vec3 vet = new Vec3(vec.x, vetY, vec.z);
        int max = 20;
        for (int i = 1; i <= max; i++) {
            double angle = (2 * Math.PI * i) / max;
            double x = entity.getX() + Math.cos(angle);
            double y = entity.getY();
            double z = entity.getZ() + Math.sin(angle);
            entity.level.addParticle(ParticleTypes.FIREWORK, x, y, z, 0, 0, 0);


    public EquipmentSlot getEquipmentSlot(ItemStack stack) {
        return EquipmentSlot.CHEST;




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I want to make the item decrease its durability when it is used. I mean, "hurt" the item when the player tries to use it seems like the better option. I've tried to call it when inside the elytraFlightTick method and cancel the flight later, the item durability reduces, but the player keep starting the boring flight animation. 

Sorry if i wrote a little weird, i'm not very good at english.

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    • I've had this problem for a long while now, and am just now remembering that Forge has a forum site. I feel dumb that I could've had this problem solved sooner. Though it is a problem I've only experienced as of 1.20(to my memory). Everything prior to that version worked fine up until I installed Forge 1.20. Anyway, I've tried some things including trying previous versions and (at the recommendation of others)taking my resource pack off. Paste.ee link lol Running Minecraft version 1.12 is the version of Forge that works without issues. I've deduced that this is because the overlay that loads the game and mods in future versions of Forge is not present, but this still doesn't solve my problem of how to fix the crashing of said future versions, or why it crashes in the first place. Yes, this happens even without mods. I'm not very good at messing with files, so here I am. Hopefully I did this right after looking at the FAQ.
    • it seems i can put back my mods in my mods folder one by one with their dependencies to get the config file, but when i put 2 or more it doesn't create it
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