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[1.19] Creating new Packet


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Eya! I'm trying to create a new packet to send new max health of player to server side, but i've never made a packet before, so i hope if anyone can help me :D


That's how I change max health in an event: player.getAttribute(Attributes.MAX_HEALTH).setBaseValue(50D);

And that's my network class:


public class Network {

public static final String NETWORK_VERSION = "0.1.0";

public static final SimpleChannel CHANNEL = NetworkRegistry.
    newSimpleChannel(new ResourceLocation(DragonBallZ.MOD_ID, "network"),
        () -> NETWORK_VERSION,
        version -> version.equals(NETWORK_VERSION),
        version -> version.equals(NETWORK_VERSION));

public static void init(){
    int index = 0;
    SimpleChannel.MessageBuilder(maxHealthPacket.class, index++, NetworkDirection.PLAY_TO_SERVER);


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I'm still lost, I don't know how to do it lmao.

I want to change the life every time they increase CON, and from what I've seen it only works with a constant value?
Btw, I don't know if that's the case, but it gives me the feeling that it would change max health of all the players at the same time, not individually, but since I haven't been able to test it, I can't be sure.

And all the examples I found work in the entity class, not in events, so I think it would not work for me, since I want it to be updated when increasing the stat in a menu

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1 hour ago, Luis_ST said:

1024 is the max value of the MAX_HEALTH Attribute, you can use Reflection or an AT to increase the max value

you can take a look at this, i use this code to increase the max value of the ARMOR Attribute
note this code requires this AT

I dont really understand it 😅

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Here again...

Well, actually imo I need to create a new packet.

I'm creating a KI system (should work like a mana system, just another name), so, I've created an EventHandler to regen my Ki, but it works on client side, is there any other way to regenerate Ki with server side? Or, what I think I should do, create a packet to send my Ki from Client to Server.



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36 minutes ago, Zanckor said:

Or, what I think I should do, create a packet to send my Ki from Client to Server.

I would recommend you to not sync data from client to server, do never trust the client, since he is/can be a liar

the git repo is private or does not exist

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Okay, its done, but, when I want to regen my Ki, it still not working cause it is on PlayerTickEvent.


I've upload my new code to github


Btw, my code is a bit ugly cause I'm just testing

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