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[1.19] Custom Minecart


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I have created a custom Minecart in 1.18 and now I want to transfer this to 1.19. I derived from the class "AbstractMinecartContainer" here, in 1.18 this worked. In 1.19 I now get the error message :

This class must implement the inherited abstract method AbstractMinecart.getDropItem(), but cannot override it since it is not visible from GoldenHopperMinecartEntity. Either make the 
 type abstract or make the inherited method visible.

However, I can't see that anything has changed in the base classes (or I just don't see it). Can anyone help me here?

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AbstractMinecart#getDropItem is for some reason package private
you need to use a AT to make it protected (Note you can not make it public this will crash the vanilla implementations)

Edit: this is the AT

protected net.minecraft.world.entity.vehicle.AbstractMinecart m_213728_()Lnet/minecraft/world/item/Item; # getDropItem
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 Didn't exist in 1.18.2 it was hardcoded.

See the 1.19 release notes for the change: https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/6731464524941-Minecraft-Java-Edition-1-19


When broken each Minecart variant drops itself as item, instead of splitting into two items (such as Chest and Minecart)


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