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I really don't get what so hard, you could even download just SOME mod and look into it.




1. Run /mcp/recompile.cmd

2. Run /mcp/reobfuscate.cmd

3. Go to /mcp/reobf/*

4. There you will find reobfuscated files (if you messed with code or setup there may be also some Minecraft classes so delete them)

5. Wrap all files to .zip (NOT .rar)

6. If you are using resources throw them inside /mod.zip/assets/[modname]/textures/...

7. You are kinda done except some stuff like mcmod.info, to get those you could look into random mods and change values.


Also: I have no idea why are you asking about folder structure if it's you creating one (packages).

Also 2nd: So you don't know how to release or you don't know how to make a "folder" (which for java .jar/.zip with packages)?

Your Topic/questions are newbi-SHHHH :)

1.7.10 is no longer supported by forge, you are on your own.

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