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How to use Forge and ModLoader at the same time


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First, I know that Forge have FML which should replace ModLoader and this is why Forge can now work independently without him.


The problem is that FML can not replace ModLoader really ..


Already come across at least 10 mods that need ModLoader and can not work with Forge.


So now I need to have ModLoader and Forge together in my minecraft.jar if I want to use all my mods.


Sure, but they use the same classes. Who should install second, so he can overwrite files ? Is there another way to use them both without creating conflict with one another ?

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Might I also say that you should make sure it isn't 2 mods that conflict and not Forge/ModLoader.  Forge is compatible with all the mods I have tried.  Did you read the errors it produced or did you just assume it was Forge's fault?  If the error said anything along the lines of conflicting IDs, then your mods don't play friendly.  Simple as that.

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If your grammar is shit and you blatantly don't know what you're doing, I will not help you.

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Ok, my bad...


The only problem with Forge is that he have a little more *. classes then ModLoader. And because of them sometime there is a mod who is using the same classes. Like "Render Player API" who is using "we.class" which is also included in Forge.


We have the same deal with "OptiFine" and "Forge"... If I install Forge after some of those mods, things go bad ..


ModLoader don't have those classes and that's why he is easy to use and work immediately.


About my 10 mods problem, it seems that everything was working as a chain starting from "Render Player API" and "OptiFine" problem..

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Forge edits a lot of things so that other mods don't.

Any other mod that edits base classes is doing it wrong. There is very little reason for any mod out there to edit a base class.

Just because ML doesn't edit as many doesn't mean it is anywhere near the power or compatibility Forge/FML offers.

Anyways, simple answer is you do not use ML and Forge together, it will not work.

However, all ML mods should world perfectly fine with Forge as long as they do not edit base classes.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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