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[1.7.2] Custom block problem - effective tools [SOLVED]


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I'm having an issue with setting the block harvest level.  I'm trying to using setHarvestLevel("shovel",0)


Here's the initial code.

genericDirt = new GenericBlock(Material.ground)


But then I call setHarvestLevel, and Eclipse doesn't like the result.

genericDirt = new GenericBlock(Material.ground)
        	.setBlockName("genericDirt").setCreativeTab(CreativeTabs.tabBlock).setHarvestLevel("shovel", 0);


(The error reads: "Type mismatch: cannot convert from void to Block.")


Is that where I call setHarvestLevel, or should I be calling it somewhere else?  Suggestions?

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setHarvestLevel unlike setHardness which retuns the block object itself returns void. So you should be calling it in the block class constructor(just setHardnessLevel("shovel",0), or after initializing the block(genericDirt.setHardnessLevel("shovel",0)).

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