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Redstone timing / loop issues.


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I have a redstone loop that behaves badly in Forge.


You can see this loop setup, in 12w27a, here:


Short summary: It is a 14 tick loop, 3x4 for repeaters, and 2 for torches. Ideal behavior is 9 ticks on, 5 ticks off (9 ticks on from a button).


Since 12w30c (?), I have only seen it show either the 9/5 or the 8/6 state (in the video, when I'm mentioning that the timing of the notes is now different). I have never seen the lockup state in 1.3.2 vanilla.


I just (two days ago) saw it lock up in 1.3.2 + forge.


If it makes a difference, this is full multiplayer server.


I will do more testing in 1.3.2 vanilla; as I said, I have not seen this happen there yet.

Jeb! The sheep! The fence pens, they do nothing still leak!

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There are a lot of things that could cause MC timing to get screwed up, namely just pure lag.

If the server can't keep up with the updates, especially across chunk boundaries.

This isn't so much a Forge bug as a MC.. quirk...

It is rather difficult to track down, or to counteract these quirks.

Its something that you need to take into account in your designs.


I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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... And I finally managed to make it happen in vanilla 1.3.2, so it is not forge at all. Reporting at the MC site.


(What happens? Well, the button is supposed to put 9 ticks of "on" state into the loop, and it is supposed to take 14 ticks to go around the loop. Instead, that 9 ticks of "on" extends to all 14 ticks of the loop, and the side with the doorbell button is always on, like if you pressed the button twice.)


As for lag/chunk issues: This time the testing was with only one person on the server, standing still, right in front of it. Technically it's an adjacent chunk, but no chunks were being loaded/unloaded.




Lex, do you (or anyone) have ideas on how to make things like this work properly? Any way to design around MC's "quirks"?


I want to play with long distance instant wire, but the "best"/cheapest way I've seen for that involves pulse transmitters, and a decoder/counter at the far end. If this is messing up, I can only imagine how that will mess up ...


(The pulse transmitters I'm not that worried about; BUDs making a piston retract is pretty stable. The question of distance, unloaded chunk signal propagation, and then just the tracking at the other end ...)


Jeb! The sheep! The fence pens, they do nothing still leak!

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Tee hee.


Because I want my overworld to function in vanilla.

Anything goes in the ages, but the overworld has to function if loaded in vanilla.


And, you're not the first person to recommend Redpower.

I had issues with it and 125 when playing on someone else's server, and there's the whole issue of marble generation in Mystcraft.

Jeb! The sheep! The fence pens, they do nothing still leak!

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