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Access transformer partially applying / not applying at all to inherited methods


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I'm trying to convert some reflection-based code to use access transformers in order to take advantage of ForgeGradle's reobfuscation. I created an access transformer in the src/main/resources folder of my existing workspace. I had the following entries at the top of the access transformer:


public net.minecraft.world.WorldServer *
public net.minecraft.world.WorldServer *()


ForgeGradle then errored while recompiling, with the message "attempting to assign weaker access privileges; was public" referring to an inherited method in WorldServer's subclass WorldServerMulti. I then added the following to the top of my AT:


public net.minecraft.world.WorldServerMulti *
public net.minecraft.world.WorldServerMulti *()


Unfortunately, ForgeGradle continued to produce the same error.


In my actual decompiled workspace, Eclipse continues to link against the old (no access transformer applied) jar, but I suspect that this is because it could not compile a transformed jar to replace it with.


I'm using Forge 1180 (1.7.10-Recommended), Java 7, Ubuntu 14.04, if it matters.

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