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PlayerJoinedServerEvent and PlayerLeftServerEvent


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I would like to see 2 (simple) event hooks that allow modders to adjust the hardcoded (yellow) colored "player joined the Game" and "player left the game" messages that are broadcasted serverwide once a player joins or leaves the server (not just the world).


Sadly enough these messages are send from the deep. As of version 1.8, the join message is being send from the initializeConnectionToPlayer() function in the ServerConfigurationManager class (the message is being send on line 171). The leave message is being send from the onDisconnect() function in the NetHandlerPlayServer class (line 732).


If we could hook up there and adjust the message, it would be great.


Currently, the only way to change this behavior is to intercept the Netty packages before they get send, or catch them on the client and then adjust them. Both are nasty, the later requires the user to install a 'server' mod on the client. That's kinda awkward.

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Full control over server/chat messages. Except for those two messages, we already have full control.


Can be handy if a server owner wants to tidy up the chat with his own styles (color, text, format).


For example: Messages like:

[-] Username (left the server), 
[+] Username (entered server), 
[>] Username (left world), 
[<] Username (entered world) 


We were able to do this with bukkit plugins but bukkit is gone.

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