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[1.7.10] Getting total day duration


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Hello all, i became from Bukkit and i'm new to the Forge.


I have little questions about world timing:


Is there a way to get total day duration? (in overworld, total day duration is 24000 ticks)

If not, it'll be a problem to use 24000 as a raw number?


I know that I can get the current day time by

(world.getWorldTime() % 24000)

and I don't know if forge let you change the day duration for a dimension, so I want to make it dynamic


Thanks for any help and sorry for my bad english :'(

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sorry to say but unfortunatly the ticks per day is hard coded and cannot be changed


however if you write a mod that constantly sets the time to what you want you could simulate a different time period, though keeping the client and server in sync might be more of a problem


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I played with this at one point and could get it to work for world, but could not get the time to change for only one dimension.


If you get it to work, I would be interested

Long time Bukkit & Forge Programmer

Happy to try and help

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Mystcraft has dimensions with multiple suns that can move anywhere from "so fast it strobes" to "half as fast as the overworld."  Its possible to go slower, but not with the symbols that currently exist.


So Mystcraft would be a good test case, though you'd have to ask XCompWiz if there's a way to get the duration of a "day" for his dimensions.

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