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Currently there is BlockEvent.PlaceEvent but it doesn't fire when lava is placed.


I'd like an event that is fired ALWAYS when a block is replaced by an another block. Wether it be air by air, air by lava, grass by flowing_lava, air by falling gravel i'd like to be able to see /monitor what has happened.


In this event i'd like an optional playerEntity when its present, like when a lava bucket is used.

Currently I have to resort to getNearestPlayer() which might not always be accurate when a block is placed behind another player(in the case of lava of water for example)


Currently i'm using a mix of PlayerUseItemEvent, NeighborNotifyEvent and the BlockPlaced event, but it gets really messy.


What i'd prefer is an event that gets called upon setBlockState and prefably has a tie in with a player that caused it. Wether it be a fallingsand entity, tileentity, player wielding a bucket placing water/scooping water, an enderman picking up a block, it would be nice to be able to catch that event and assertain the source.


I've had a peek around the source and I realise this may be impossible because setBlockState has no tie-ins to entities and getting the correct responsible entity might be hard/impossible.


I'd also be happy if the NeighborNotifyEvent has a boolean appearedInSetBlock so you can filter that instead of having to make your own list to check if it has been there yet. that would save a lot of effort/cpu time too.






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As stated many times before it simply isn't possible without refactoring MC in a large scale because that data is not there.

Not to mention the many reasons and places that a player is not involved in setting blocks at all. The information is exposed the best it can be, reliably.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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