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[1.7.10] Attempting to create a machine


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It's been a while since me and a good friend have started developing our very own minecraft mod for 1.7.10 and, until now, it worked perfectly. We managed to create custom items, material classes, weapons, tools, food with potion effects, ores, ore generation in our world... Mainly almost anyything a mod could need. However, we are stuck now... the reason? We were trying to make a custom "furnace/machine/processor (call it as you wish)" so as we could process our Supernova ore into Supernova blend and then use it in every single recipe in our mod.


I know it is a lot easier to add a smelting recipe for a vanilla furnace, but that would not be unique at all... so what we are interested in is a "furnace" that opens a GUI when right clicked, smelts only certain materials (that can not be smelt anywhere else) and uses a custom fuel (we know how to create the custom fuel, so it will not be a lot of trouble).


I have faith in you and know you will come up with a ton of good ideas! However, please do not send tutorials, since we have attempted to do most of them and failed miserably because we didn't know what to put in other files that were not the furnace itself.


Thank you in advance!




P.S: My friend told me that if we could perhaps get example files of a very basic furnace we might be able to adjust it ourselves.

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TGG's example is for 1.8. The code is meant to be an example and explanation of how things work, not something you can or should just copy and paste into your mod.


If you've rewritten the code and are having problems, post the errors and the code itself, otherwise we cannot help.

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Simply put, all you need is a TileEntity class that your block (as a BlockContainer) provides.*  Take a look at Vanilla's furnace.  Don't worry about how it knows what a recipe is at the moment, you're only concerned with turning your Ore into your Metal (or whatever you want to call it).  So if you mentally replace any reference to the FurnaceRecipes class, you should be able to figure out how much of it works.


*You don't have to extend BlockContainer to get a TE, but as you're doing a block that contains items, this is the best/fastest option.

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I had the problem once to, then I wrote a my klooncore, and that works perfectly, just look at my source:




I have the bad feeling you will just copy and paste :P

So my source is not made for copy and paste, and most of the stuff like KloonsCustomRecipeHandler is bad programmed any, but it works

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