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SMP setting configuration


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I honestly have no idea how hard this would be as i fail hard at programing. Hell i cant even program a turtle... but i digress.


If possible could you make it so server side configs override the client configs so that users do not have to be mailed the config folder in order to enjoy the settings the server recognises. For example i am running a Feed-The-Beast server but gregtech is considered annoying by my users, so i of course disable its functions in the config, however without a clientside config update they cant properly find the correct crafting recipes. As i say i have no knowledge of programing so if its not possible i don't mind, but it would certainly save the hassle of having to send 27+ emails every time i update configs.


Thank you for taking time to read this, I do hope it made sense as i have a tendency to ramble and am normally quite bad with grammar and sentence structure.

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I highly doubt that it's possible. Most things which are written in the config files require a restart of the client to apply (especially block / item IDs).

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This thread makes me sad because people just post copy-paste-ready code when it's obvious that the OP has little to no programming experience. This is not how learning works.

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I assume then from what your saying that is a vanilla function of minecraft?


Blocks are assigned a specific ID apon creation when the game starts, and many mappings rely on the first mapping being currect and never changing for the game to function.


You would have to unassign all mod blocks, and reassign them with new configs, but these actions happen upon loading of the mod, at startup.


What one could do is design a system to stream the configs from the server upon connection if it fails a blockID check, and then force a restart when synced, but this would require quite the deep mod.


I would support a function like this to be added to forge, but it might not happen because such a feature may cause undesired consequences, like breaking players single player maps without really realizing it(since the process was made so easy).

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Hmm but what if - and humor me for a second here - you were able to create a hook to separate the configs for singleplayer and smp, that is to say completely disassociate the multiplayer configs from minecraft and instead change the serverside forge to broadcast the server config first upon connection. The config folder being only a couple kilobites would slow down your fist connection slightly but after that it would be a simple check function from the server. this i just realised would allow for map specific configs on the same instance if done correctly but would require a change to the naming logic for the config folder requiring it to be tied into the world saves instead of the rest of minecraft being tied into it. Besides i guess I'm wrong about this but i thought the config folder was created by forge and wasn't a function of minecraft vanilla.


i apologise for the incredibly badly arranged thoughts in this post i am quite bad at writing.

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I wanna re-write 1/2 of minecraft to do this one thing. Oh i'll just edit the config.


No thats not how things work, configs are configs it's up to the mods what to do with them.

And how minecraft is designed, you can't do swaping of things properly.

So essentially, this won't happen. It'd require minecraft to rebot every time you connected to a server, and possibly every time you load a new world.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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I appologise for asking the imposible in that case, I do not pretend to understand java which is why I deffered to the infinately more talented people here to discover how possible it would be. As it now turns out that my suggested rout would require significant code I will seek out a different solution many thanks




P.S. If it ever turns out to be possible do let me know ok =D

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