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Can't Play SMP with Minecraft Forge


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For some reason it seems that I cannot play on an SMP server (of my own) with Minecraft Forge. I have Minecraft 1.4.5 with Minecraft Forge (I have an older version of minecraft and forge because Industrial Craft doesn't support 1.4.6 yet). If it helps: I have Minecraft Forge and Industrial Craft on the Server.


Here is the error:



...and a screenshot:


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Though I don't have an answer, I've been experiencing a similar problem in 1.4.6. I'm trying to get a fairly large modpack to work on LAN, and though I can get the LAN server up, whenever someone else tries to log in they get that screen. On my screen I see that the person logs in once, and leaves the server twice.

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What do you mean, I have a very old version? It's just one before the newest and I must have it to use Industrial Craft (as it does not work on the newest version)

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Update to latest, should work for you.

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There is a really really simple solution here, use the same exact version forge on your client as you do on the server.

Problem solved.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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