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[v1.2.5] Aquaculture


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This post is a direct copy from the official Minecraft forums post found here.






News 6/17/2012

Aquaculture 1.1.2 has launched!




-Fixed a bug with biomes that don't have specific fish giving the angler apples instead.



-Brown and Red Shrooma are now properly named, have the right artwork, and craft properly.




-Squid are now craftable into Ink Sacs

-Squid are now catchable (Formerly implemented but not catchable)

-Whales can now be turned into Whale Steaks

-Added Goldfish to the random loottables

-Goldfish can be crafted into Gold Nuggets

-Implemented Boxes, Lockboxes, and Treasure Chests

-Implemented Biome specific fish for Freshwater, Saltwater, Desert, Mushroom, and Tundra Biomes (Any other biome will be Freshwater by default, this includes mod biomes)

-Implemented placeholder Neptunium armor (Helmet is partially customized)



Welcome to Aquaculture! An expansion of Minecraft's fishing system. For those that know me, you know I'm the creator of Metallurgy, another expansion mod that greatly enhanced the mining system in Minecraft. Well Aquaculture is my attempt to do the same for the bland fishing system.


In Aquaculture you never know what you'll catch. Every biome is home to tons of unique fish you can only catch in that biome, and there's a myriad of new loot items you can randomly catch while fishing.


All of this is made possible by simply crafting the Iron Fishing Rod.


The Iron Fishing Rod

This new shiny addition is a gateway to your journey into Aquaculture! Simply crafting it will enable all the features of the mod. By using a new fishing rod, I was able to avoid making base class edits ot the game which would severely harm any compatibility with other mods as well as ceaselessly complicating multiplayer/updates.


There are plans for new and better fishing rods that will increase your chances to get cooler loot while fishing (Gold, Diamond, and Neptunium are all planned!)


The Fishables

Ah yes the part you've all been waiting for, Aquaculture's 32+ new fish and 12+ fishable loot items!


For the mostpart Aquaculture sticks to realism, the new fish are (mostly) real species that have been translated into Minecraft.


(Red colored fish are not yet implemented but are planned)


Freshwater (Forest, Plains, Extreme Hills)

-vy8Fg.png Bluegill

-hfmXq.png Bass

-fBPF4.png Perch

-hf9TK.png Brown Trout

-STo9U.png Catfish

-Hi3x8.png Carp

-olH26.png Muskellunge





Arid (Desert)

-Capitaine (Nile Perch)

-Boulti (Nile Tilapia)




Arctic (Tundra, Taiga)

-4GcZL.png Cod




-Pink Salmon

-rjDhV.png Rainbow Trout



Saltwater (Beach, Ocean)

-BXImf.png Salmon

-eFpIp.png Tuna

-rVr2e.png Red Grouper

-Jw13H.png Swordfish

-p489Z.png Shark

-v9G69.png Whale




-Red Snapper





-Manta Ray


Tropical (Jungle) [Coming soon!]




-Electric Eel

-Dart Frog

-Arrau Turtle


Mushroom (Mushroom Island)

-AJKDC.png Red Shrooma

-udpV8.png Brown Shrooma


Random Loot! (Found everywhere!)

-Seaweed/Algae [Edible!]


-Driftwood [Crafts into Planks!]

-Leather Boots

-Tin Can


-Message in a Bottle [Right click to reveal a message!]



-Treasure Chest [These three all contain random loot!]

-Goldfish [Crafts into Gold Nuggets!]

-Neptunium Bar [2-3x stronger than Diamond!]


Note: If you are using a mod that adds new biomes or are fishing in a biome that doesn't have specific fish, it will default to Freshwater Fish, meaning technically this mod is compatible with any other Biome adding mod there is!





Driftwood + Workbench = 4 Planks

2 Iron + Stick + 2 String + Workbench = Iron Fishing Rod

(Any Fish) + Workbench = Raw Fish Fillet

Raw Fish Fillet + Furnace = Cooked Fish Fillet (Restores 2.5 marks of Hunger)

Squid + Workbench = Ink Sac

Whale + Workbench = 5x Whale Steaks

Whale Steak + Furnace = Cooked Whale Steaks

Goldfish + Workbench = Gold Nugget





















Mod review of 1.0 by: ChazOfftopic


More videos!



TediousParrot (1.0)



KongoBoom (1.0)




NotforGrins (1.0)




NewEraCrafting (1.0)




Altioris (1.)









1.1.2 SSP Client Download: http://adf.ly/9oQd0

Requires: Modloader, Forge



-Extract the contents of the latest Modloader version into your Minecraft.jar (Found in C:/Users/<Username>/AppData/Roaming/.Minecraft/Jars)

-Extract the contents of the SSP Forge Client into your Minecraft.jar

-Open the Minecraft.jar and remove the META-INF folder

-Run Minecraft

-Close Minecraft

-Put the Aquaculture 1.# Client.zip into your Mods folder (DO NOT EXTRACT!)


1.1.2 SMP Server Download: http://adf.ly/9oQfz

Requires: Modloader, Forge

-Extract the contents of the latest Modloader version into your Minecraft_Server.jar

-Extract the contents of the SSP Forge Client into your Minecraft.jar

-Run server.bat

-Type stop and hit enter

-Put the Aquaculture 1.# Server.zip into your Mods folder (DO NOT EXTRACT!)












-More fish types (of course)


Known Bugs


-The Fishing Line doesn't always show up

-The Fishing Rod is inverted oddly

-In SMP the fishing rod sometimes "bounces" when you cast, making the noise of a fish biting, just ignore the first few.







Please consider taking a moment to drop $1 or more into my Paypal, I've spent a lot of my personal time on this modification and although I don't expect monetary gain from it. It's really nice, and provides me with a driving force to work harder.


So please consider donating, every dollar helps.




Please click the little Up Arrow in the bottom right corner if you like the idea of the mod, even if you don't play it. It helps the mod get ranked accordingly in interest and helps gauge its future.


Come visit us in my IRC channel! I'm in there posting work in progress and chatting all day!

Server: irc.esper.net

Channel: #Metallurgy


Rights of Use


You as the user have my permission to do the following with this mod without asking my permission.

-You may create videos or take screenshots and post them anywhere you please, I just ask that you note what the mod is and let people know where to get it (I actually heavily heavily encourage this!)

-You may play the mod or share it with your friends, once again, just let them know what mod it is and where they can get it/give feedback.

-You may add it to a modpack as long as the modpack gives proper credit and links back to this page.


You as the user, may NOT do the following with the mod.

-You cannot redistribute this mod without asking for my permission! Do not post it on other websites without asking me directly.

-You cannot decompile my code or reuse my artwork for other mods, special circumstances may be granted if you talk to me.


If you made it to the bottom of this post and read it all properly, then you're insane and should be ingame fishing. So scroll up, download, and play the mod!

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Make the fish visible in the water while it's swimming and not like the Minecraft fish which can be fished out from one block of water...

You would not even need entities for that, just a particle system where its 'density' of fish is based on likelyhood of what you find or whatever.

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This is great! I look forward to playing with this, along with your Metallurgy mod once it's updated for Forge and 1.3!


I agree with the suggestion of having water show how big a concentration of fish there is. If it's as calclavia claims then that would certainly be worthwhile to implement.


I'd also like to suggest that you require a stronger fishing rod in order to catch fish like the shark and whale, as it seems a little ridiculous to catch them with an iron fishing rod alone. Perhaps the neptunium and/or that gold one I noticed in your sprites?


Finally I'd like to add I think it's great that you allow your mod to be included in modpacks, as I'll definitely want it to be used in conjunction with mine once it's done.


Thanks for making this!  :D

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Thanks guys for the support!


Most of my efforts will be concentrated on Metallurgy honestly when 1.3 hits, and in actuality I may merge Aquaculture over into it eventually (its a possibility). For now however they'll stay separate =P


Gold/Diamond/Neptunium Rods are coming eventually, I'm just toying with some bits for checking carried items and such to change the loot rolls.

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On 6/21/2012 at 10:15 PM, Shadowclaimer said:

Pls help me, I have a quest in my questbook (RAD modpack) that is about catching all fishes in the mod Aquaculture. But I'm fishing in Cold Taiga, Tundra, Ice Plains, Cold Beach, I broke like 5 diamond fishing rods and I can't even catch the Halibut. If anyone know anything about that say me.


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