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[1.11.2] [UNSOLVED] Energy systems


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I'm currently struggling with the hole energy system stuff. I've worked myself so far into the Capabilities that I can work with

the Tesla Energy system and Forge Energy system and I know that mods who support both have some kind

of internal energy.


My problem now is that I've got no idea how I can combine all the pieces of Forge Energy and Tesla Energy together, so that

my machines can work with boths. And I definitly don't want to have thousands of lines twice just because if-else cases for checking

the which energy system is used and stuff like that, because that would be very inefficient.


Before someone now says, look into EnderIO because it does those things:

I know that EnderIO has exectly what I want, that machines can support both energy systems, but

even after looking into the forge docs and into the source code 20 times... I just don't understand why it is done there in that way and

for what some of those methods are....


So I hope there is someone who can help me with getting all those pieces together.


Thx in advance.


Developer of Primeval Forest.

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Ah, ok. Thx.

When looking at your implementation, I'm wondering what makes EnderIO so much more complicated..

I mean, there has to be an advantage (and disadvantage).


Would be nice if someone is able to explain how the EnderIO system works (as I'm totally lost when looking into

it, even with just the bare minimum of energy system classes) with the advantages and disadvantages.


So that I would be able to know more than one possible way of doing things and the differences to come up with

the best implementation for what I am planning. ;)

Developer of Primeval Forest.

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