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Found 19 results

  1. It would be great to have more tags available on the forum, especially for subforums like the modder_support forum. What is a tag? It is added to a post using the little box under the title input when creating a new forum post. Multiple tags can be added to a forum post to classify the intent of the question. This post has a tag, it is pretty useless in this context, I just wanted it to be there as an example. This could include: Version Numbers Solved Topics, i.e. Tile Entity NBT Rendering BlockStates Items
  2. I'm not sure why, but whenver I run the command ./gradlew setDecompWorkspace, I get this error: ERROR: JAVA_HOME is set to an invalid directory: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_191\bin Please set the JAVA_HOME variable in your environment to match the location of your Java installation. I've added the JAVA_HOME variable under my System Environment Variables as this: JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_191\, my system path contains this: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_191\bin;C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_191
  3. I'm trying to create a talent for DoggyTalents that has the dog produce a roar that has a certain AoE (Area of Effect) range and causes all entities that are extended from EntityMob to be stunned and take damage depending on how much the level of the talent itself. So far I have something like this but there are a few issues with it however: It only effects one mob at a time, instead of all of them at once The section that is uncommented now doesn't cause damage but produces the particles
  4. There is a WIP PR for documentation on this that has everything that is on this tutorial, and will soon have more such as Items and Entities. Here is a link to the PR. In this tutorial I will be explaining how to use the Animation State Machine or Forge's Animation System on a TileEntity, though this can be applied to Items or Entities as well. Let's start off easy, with the code for the Block, TileEntity and the binding of the TESR. Block TileEntity TESR Binding This is where the confusion comes from for the animation system. The
  5. I have a block that I want to animate. I am using the animation system and used the Botania pump block as a basis to learn the system. I have the AnimatedTESR "working"; as in it renders, but isn't applying any of the offset information. Armatures File. ASM File. BlockState File. TESR Model. TESR Registration Code (called during preInit). Block Code. TE Code.
  6. Hello Modders! Sorry for my bad English I have Tile Entity that have working time and I have GUI with Progress Bar that need this working time. And I don't know how to do it. Pls help Block: *CLICK* Tile Entity: *CLICK* Container: *CLICK* GUI: *CLICK*
  7. Hello Modders! Please excuse me for my broken English)) I have a machine for processing iron bars in scrap metal. And when I run it - I have a strange bug with phantom items. See below on GIF. Help please with the code. I can not understand the problem. Block: *CLICK* Tile Entity: *CLICK* Container: *CLICK* GUI: *CLICK* GIF: *CLICK*
  8. This is something momentous I haven't attempted before but here goes nothing. I'm developing a skill for the dogs in DoggyTalents that would basically give the dogs ranged attacks. So the things I'm trying to work out are the following: Make the normal LeapAtTarget and my custom Ranged Attacks AI switch between each other. Whenever the dog's target comes within the normal range of the Leaping AI (in the code it says the distance of the target squared (d0) is 4.0 D<= d0 <= 16.0D Not sure how far this is in blocks however), then it will switch to the leaping ai and attack; whi
  9. Hi, I just recently set up my workspace to feature multiple projects (in their respective folders) and I am wondering how I can get these two protects not only to run simultaneously, but also be able to use code from each other (i.e. I use methods from Project 1 to create a creature in Project 2 and so on.). I used this video by LexManos in order to setup everything, but I haven't been able to figure out how to make Eclipse accomplish these two tasks. Any idea what I can do?
  10. I'm trying to create a mod alongside with my main mod that stores some of the most used Forge methods (ie methods involving item creation, block creation, etc.). I'm also trying to avoid having the two mods complied together under the same zip folder whenever I compile the mods. I'm currently using the Eclipse IDE and Forge 1.12.2-
  11. Hello, I'm trying to render an entity with an OBJ model. The problem I'm having is that I'm not sure how to properly bind the texture for the model. I am currently using GlStateManager.bindTexture(#) but I do not know what # to use to have it properly bind the texture. I have tested various numbers for it and at one point 8 worked, and then at another point 9 worked. I would assume that the proper number changes as I add more textures to my mod and under different circumstances, and that using a static number is not the way to properly bind the texture. By not binding a text
  12. So I'm stuck on this silly problem. All I want is to render my .obj model in my TESR. Here's the back-story. I have a .obj model that I want to render in my TESR. The texture that I want to render on the model is determined by a 'type' enum that every tile entity holds. The reason why I'm using a TESR is that a few parts of the model should be rotated by some factors, etc. What am I supposed to do? What classes should I use to load the .obj file. I found a few tutorials, but most of them were outdated. Can someone give me any directions or some sources to base my code off?
  13. Hey guys! I just recently reset my entire computer and started to reinstall certain programs. This time, I plan on trying to slimline my IDEs (I had about 5 in total: Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio Community, IntelliJ, Eclipse, and Android Studio).The one I plan to converging everything under is Visual Studio Code, as I can add in different plugins to work with it, especially since I'm starting to use that IDE for developing my Powershell program to run my server. Just curious if I can squash down my several IDEs (with the exception of Android Studio) into one.
  14. Hi there! I have a block that HAS* to get its registry name changed but the thing is, it's going to ruin a lot of world-saves! Is it possible to change a registry name while the world loads? Here's what I have in mind: When you load a world, look for 'registryName1' in all block names (I think that block registry names are stored in something) and then replace it with 'registryName2'. Is there an event for something like that? * The block's registry name is used for a special mechanic, it's too complicated to explain what it does but the block's registry
  15. Well hello there I'm back with rendering-related questions. My main goal is to render my block that I'm about to place in the position it would be placed if I pressed right-click. Here's an example: say I'm looking in the distance, no block outlines are rendered. But, if I'm looking at e.g. dirt (which is near me), I would see it's bounding box (the black outline). If I were to place my block, it would be placed in front of that dirt block. What I want to do is to render my own block in that place (with a certain level of transparency), without actually placing it. I hope I explain
  16. I'm trying to revive this mod (Doggy Talents) that the author created about a year ago since everyone (including myself) has enjoyed it. The mod only got to 1.8.4 but stopped at that version, the author hasn't been on since. Since 1.8, many, many things in Minecraft as far as coding has changed (in addition to the fact that I haven't modded in nearly 3 years now), it's becoming a pain in the butt. So far I have gotten a good bit of the changes converted over becaused I compared the code with my previous works (Zero Quest, TetraCraft, and Cryogenic Library) however, there are still many problem
  17. Hi, I'm currently struggling with the hole energy system stuff. I've worked myself so far into the Capabilities that I can work with the Tesla Energy system and Forge Energy system and I know that mods who support both have some kind of internal energy. My problem now is that I've got no idea how I can combine all the pieces of Forge Energy and Tesla Energy together, so that my machines can work with boths. And I definitly don't want to have thousands of lines twice just because if-else cases for checking the which energy system is used and stuff lik
  18. So.... I've been working on this for a while and the longer I spend working on it, the more complicated it seems to get. I'm attempting to make a gear. I made a model in blender and put it in the proper location and everything and set it up to load the OBJ for the block. It works fine and the model is loading great when I place it into the world. Now, I want to be able to add the functionality of the gear (make it face different directions based on how it's placed, make it rotate based on it's TE's rotation property, draw a shaft connected to the gear if it should have one, etc..) and I'm thin
  19. Hello! I have been looking around and playing with code and made my own dimension! It is however EXTREMELY laggy, runs at an average of 1.03 FPS, and has no portal. How would I fix all these problems? The code I have so far is: I know the ChunkProviderSandbox is a copy of the Superflat world generator, but I want my dimension to be a single layer of Bedrock, for testing. The portal is not really an issue, I just don't know how to make a Teleporter and a BlockPortal. Any help? Thanks for reading.
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