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Player Reach Hook


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since you locked the previous topis i will have to start a new one, sorry if this is not allowed or anything but i dont understand what you said and i think you misunderstood me too.


i meant the blocka player can reach as in distance away. In creative mode you can reach further than you can in survival so it is easier to buils. i could not find a forgehook to change the players reach distance.

the way i wanted to impliment this was if a player is wearing a certain armour increase player reach, i already know you can check for the players armour and weapons he/she is wearing but i could not find a way to extend the players reach in blocks whilst doing so, i hope this clears things up. Lexmanos i hope that is his name said there is already a hook for this, if there is and i am being stupid please can you show me the hook? i think he meant the armour detection though. Thankyou!

Use examples, i have aspergers.

Examples make sense to me.

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