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Sooo...How is this community?

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Hey guys! Whetewhey here!


I'm new, not really a modder yet, but just passing through out of my interest in Minecraft as a whole and possibly practicing coding by modding, and I was just curious, in anyone's own, honest, unfiltered opinion, what is the Forge modding community, both on this forum, and at large like for you personally?

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I've found the people here very helpful on the few occasions I've asked questions, but I made sure to post a working GitHub repo and related logs.


edit: modding isn't a good way to learn programming. Learn basic Java/oop first, even if it's just making simple txt based programs. One of the common issues is people with no programming knowledge (and I mean basics like syntax, classes, inheritance, and things like how overrides work) try to make mods, and MC/Forge are very complex without basic/intermediate programming skills. And of course, this is the Forge support forums, not Java support. People are happy to help with forge stuff, but when it becomes apparent that someone doesn't know basic Java, they're usually asked to go learn some before asking for further help.

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Eh. It's mixed imo. Some people here I feel can just be too harsh on the newbies. Just because someone made a mod using Harry Talks tutorial doesn't mean he should just get condemned to an eternal shitstorm of shame and put downs, but I've seen it too many times to ignore.

The worst part is I feel those people usually never explain why they are raining slurs and passive aggressive comments upon that person, just that their choice of tutorial is horrid and because of it should never mod again.... I just don't get that mentality. Everyone can fall for this, especially if you've never modded before.

Now I'm not talking about the crowd that can't program at all. I'm talking about the novice who can code and does so, but never touched the forge API so they look for a tutorial and read the docs for answers. Those are the ones who get pummeled by words unfairly (in my opinion)

Other than that people here are reasonable.

PS: The forge docs needs more examples. Please for the love of god.

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When they say your code doesn't follow convention but ur edgy so u dont care

d-d-d-dab on them haterz


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