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Items look weird and crooked in inventory


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On 2/23/2020 at 6:55 PM, DragonITA said:

@Aldie, this Video will definitively help you (it was made for older Version but should still work):


Thanks! Let's hope this works.


But that being said, could there be differences when this is applied to 1.12.2?

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2 hours ago, Aldie said:

Here's a link to the whole mod: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1llGhCc5zKeQ3gO-nQlZvs8R_POdkoisa

(Sorry it's not github, I don't know how to use github.)

(Also sorry it took me a month to respond. I've been busy lately.)

Can't help you will the problem you are having but it's pretty easy to setup git.


First download git and install it. Then go to github, create new repository and copy the link you get (you'll need  this in a bit)


Now go to your project directory, shift right-click and open powershell and execute this command.


git init


This sets up a local repository at your project directory. Now to link it up with your github repo execute the command:


git remote add origin "paste link you got from github"


Now everytime you make a change to any of the files in the folder your created your repo (except the ones that are specified in .gitignore) git will keep track of it. You can see which files have been changed by typing:


git status


In powershell. Since you just created the repo, everything will be unstaged. To add files to the next commit you use the command.


git add *


This adds every file and typically you want everything to be staged when you want to make a commit, but you can add individual files as well. Then to actually commit the changes execute:


git commit -m "Commit message here"


Then to push the changes to the remote repo (github) you use:


git push origin master


And that's all there is to it. Now everytime you add something to your project go and open the powershell and add the files to the staging area, commit them and then push them.




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