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Is ForgeGradle not compatible with Gradle versions above 4.9?


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Build fails with 

> Failed to notify project evaluation listener.
   > org.gradle.internal.nativeintegration.services.FileSystems.getDefault()Lorg/gradle/internal/nativeplatform/filesystem/FileSystem;

when I use a Gradle version above 4.9. (6.2.2)

I checked, my buildscipt should be alright. This only happens when I apply the ForgeGradle plugin. I'm using Kotlin Script, but that shouldn't be the problem (the script works fine with Gradle 4.9). Of course, I could always just stay on that older version, but that would have several disadvantages. The most important one being that the users of my mod should be able to build a version of the mod themselves only using the command line and that would mean that they too need that exact version of gradle, which is annoying without having gradle wrapper set up. I am asking if anyone knows this issue and if somebody knows something like a workaround for this. Or if the buildscript must be written in a certain way that is different from the one supplied in the mdk.

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If you dont know what you're talking about dont complain about it.

If you think something is wrong research it before you critique. We have to do the things in the way we do because gradle does not provide the tools to do obfuscated based development like Minecraft in a non hacky way. Blame gradle, blame mojang, dont blame us.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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