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Changing EntityRenderer's fog color


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I'd like to be able to change the fog color when swimming in a custom liquid. Lava and water are done this way:

 int i = ActiveRenderInfo.getBlockIdAtEntityViewpoint(this.mc.theWorld, entityliving, par1);

        if (this.cloudFog)
            Vec3 vec33 = worldclient.getCloudColour(par1);
            this.fogColorRed = (float)vec33.xCoord;
            this.fogColorGreen = (float)vec33.yCoord;
            this.fogColorBlue = (float)vec33.zCoord;
        else if (i != 0 && Block.blocksList[i].blockMaterial == Material.water)
            this.fogColorRed = 0.02F;
            this.fogColorGreen = 0.02F;
            this.fogColorBlue = 0.2F;
        else if (i != 0 && Block.blocksList[i].blockMaterial == Material.lava)
            this.fogColorRed = 0.6F;
            this.fogColorGreen = 0.1F;
            this.fogColorBlue = 0.0F;

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