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3 hours ago, Babelincoln1809 said:

Anyone know where a guide for NBT Tags are for 1.14? Some videos are a bit outdated and stuff.

NBT tags for what, items, entities? Be more specific.

It's sad how much time mods spend saying "x is no longer supported on this forum. Please update to a modern version of Minecraft to receive support".

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Quick guide on NBT: (note: using 1.15, but all is the same for 1.14)

NBT (Named Binary Tag) is the format used by Minecraft mostly for keeping internal data, such as player data, world data, etc.

NBT has different tags, which define what type of data they store. All tags implement INBT.

  • Compound tags holds a combination of other tags, which can all be the same or different type. Represented by CompoundNBT.
  • Number tags holds different types of number, corresponding to Java number primitives. All number tags extend NumberNBT.
    • byte = ByteNBT, short = ShortNBT, int = IntNBT, float = FloatNBT, long = LongNBT, double = DoubleNBT
  • String tags hold a string, corresponding to String. Represented by StringNBT.
  • Array or collection tags holds either 0+ tags of the same type, depending on what the tag allows. All array tags extend CollectionNBT.
    • List tags may hold any amount of one type of tags. Represented by ListNBT.
    • Number-specific array tags: byte[] = ByteArrayNBT, int[] = IntArrayNBT, long[] = LongArrayNBT.
  • End tags are special. They have no representation in-game; they represent an end of an array or compound tag when stored. Represented by EndNBT.

Classes are in net.minecraft.nbt. CompressedStreamTools for reading and writing NBT to files. NBTUtil for reading/writing GameProfile, UUID, BlockPos, BlockState. JsonToNBT for converting JSON to NBT.

See the Minecraft wiki page on NBT for the technical details.

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Added source to MC Wiki
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Items by themselves don't hold NBT data, but ItemStacks do.

{ Item: "minecraft:stone", Count:1b, tag: { "CustomData": 3s, "display": { "Name": "rock" } } }

The ItemStack's NBT tag is stored in the tag tag, which is accessible through #getTag. CustomData and display are child tags, which can either be retrieved through #getTag().getX methods (getBoolean, getCompound, getShort, etc.) or, for Compound tags, the #getChildTag(String) (getChildTag("display"), but not for "CustomData")

#getTag and #getChildTag may return null, if no such tag exists. Check #hasTag() for the existence of the tag, and null checks for child tags.

Writing data to the tag? Better use #getOrCreateTag() and #getOrCreateChildTag(String); they create the tags, if they don't exist yet.

Directly setting the tags of an ItemStack? Use #setTag(CompoundTag) for the tag tag, and #setTagInfo(String, INBT) for any type of child tags.

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