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Turn Mods and Mod Parts Off in-game.


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I am planning to make mods soon and this is a request to make it easier for me and other first time modders. 

If one thing gets in the way of testing there should be a way to temporarily disable it.  For example if I make something wrong and it is causing problems then i can disable that section.


This is a request for it to either be added to Forge or another mod to be created.  Thank you for reading.

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And if you're meaning in code itself, you can always comment it out. You can use /* to define the beginning of the code you'd like to disable, and you can use */ to define the end of the code you'd like to disable.



Enabled Code:

Let's say this were some code...

... And this is the end of the code that you want to disable.


Disabled Code:

/*Let's say this were some code...
... And this is the end of the code that you want to disable.*/


This is of course assuming that the code you're disabling isn't being relied on by another part of your code...


Wtf is wrong with me? Why did I not read the thread title the first time around? :-[ Please ignore me.

Check out my

Texture Packs Thread here on the Forge Forum. :)

Currently in the process of adding some mod support for JohnSmith Texture Pack.

width=105 height=12https://www.sugarsync.com/piv/D8135159_67366891_21351[/img]


width=209 height=19https://www.sugarsync.com/piv/D8135159_67366891_772852[/img]

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