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by this topic I assume you're new to programming, what I can tell you is to dedicate some hours to go learn programming logic, and then Object Oriented Programming.

you can't expect to find copy and paste solutions for everything you may want to do.


but in case you already know programming: any tool is just a subclass of Item, you just need to register your own instances of it as you'd do with any item. (that's for custom shovels, axes, pickaxes... if you want to create a new tool type, then you'd have to implement your own custom logic and tool type for it (which I don't know how to do, but shouldn't be hard to figure out))

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corrected terminology as pointed out by Ugdhar
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13 minutes ago, randomdude12300 said:

I made tools I am stuck with making an entity

make a new thread then, explaining what is it that you're trying to do and where you need help

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