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Why do my recipes not work?


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i have coded recipes and there are not working.


  "type": "minecraft:crafting_shaped",
      "tag": "minecraft:coal"
      "item": "minecraft:potato"
      "item": "tme:cheese"
    "item": "tme:roesti",
    "count": 1

somebody knows what i am doing wrong?


thanks in advance.

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Just now, lxquid_ said:

nope please explain o-o @kiou.23

tags is a way of grouping together items that have something in common. look at Coal and Charcoal for example, they're both individual items, but for the torch recipe (and the campfire iirc), you can use any of the coals. minecraft doesn't make the recipe twice, once for each coal. instead it groups the coals together under a tag

there are tags for a whole bunch of stuff, some from vanilla, some from forge, and you can even make your own type of tags, it's all data-driven and the minecraft wiki article I posted goes into further detail

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4 minutes ago, Beethoven92 said:

what is "befat"? I thought your mod id was "tme" (as seen in the first json you posted)..also why did you separate advancements and recipes folder? You can put both of them in data."your_mod_id"

befat is the modid

10 hours ago, diesieben07 said:

Change your ModID! "tme" is too short and not unique. Do not use abbreviations.


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did you name the folders with actual periods? don't do that, IntelliJ doesn't make it subfolders (it works for Java packages, but not for regular directories), it's literally just a directory name with periods in it

recipes must be under data/modid/recipes

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