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  1. Can you please post your debug.log as described in my signature?
  2. The SSL issue has already been passed up the chain of command for various reasons. For the time being what message is Chrome giving you, "can harm your computer" or "is malicious"?
  3. Please read my signature and post the appropriate log in the appropriate manner, without removing anything...
  4. 1.7.10 is no longer supported on this forum, please update to receive support.
  5. For step three nothing can be selected (Windows 10 File explorer has a "Select None" button) and then you shift right click anywhere that won't accidentally select something. Note that yours might say Powershell instead, it will still work but you will need to type cmd first to start the command prompt from within powershell.
  6. 1.7.10 is no longer supported on this forum, please update. Thread locked.
  7. Try these instructions: Thread moved to support.
  8. Does this mean you're running a physical client? Because getServerPort() is physical server only.
  9. Wait... switching the launcher type fixed your issue? Honestly that wasn't my intention but hey if it worked ?
  10. It's the 3 lines in the top left of the twitch launcher, also please note the end of my signature (should be posted using Pastebin or GitHub Gists) , this will likely solve your filesize issue.
  11. and I have another reason to not like the twitch launcher... it seems to not be generating fml-client-latest or shoving it in a strange place. Ok this might reset any custom settings you have in the launcher, go to File > Settings > Minecraft and switch the launch method to Jar Launcher. Something about how Twitch uses the modern native launcher seems to be the cause.
  12. Could you let it run until the watchdog kills it and post your debug.log as well as the stall report the watchdog generates?
  13. I'll need your fml-client-latest.log, it has more output than latest.log
  14. I assume you're using the twitch launcher, in that case your logs will be in Documents\Curse\Minecraft\Instances\Sky Factory 3\logs Use one of the site links in my Signature, they both have upload buttons and will give you a link to post here.
  15. User was banned for attempting to bypass server Online mode.
  16. There is enough there to tell that one of your mods is unable to find MrCrayfish’s device mod, but we’ll need the full log to tell if Forge is detecting it.
  17. 1.7.10 is no longer supported on this forum, please update.
  18. You are running a 1.12.2 client with 1.7.10 mods in your mods folder, remove those.
  19. The log mentions Buildcraft but I'm not sure if it is the root cause, I can just say that this issue looks like it is coming from a coremod that is then creating problems for Buildcraft.
  20. It appears the issue is IC2 is trying to save its configuration file but is apparently being denied access to the filesystem in the desired location.
  21. 1.7.10 is no longer supported on this forum, please update.
  22. Your error appears to be coming from this line.
  23. Your text file is empty, try uploading debug.log as it has considerably more information than any other log (that I'm aware of).
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