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  1. Saw this issue in another thread, rename the CCL config to something else so CCL generates a new one, then use the new one as a template to check for issues. I believe the formatting gaffe is that dump_asm and textify, which are boolean (true/false, yes/no) values should have B: in front of them, like B:"message_player_on_catch"=false does
  2. It's there, either you are on mobile which hides them to make the page less cluttered, or you have disabled them in your account settings.
  3. Please post the appropriate log for your Forge version as specified in my signature
  4. You need to rename the minecraft jar to "minecraft_server.1.12.2.jar" for the Forge installer to detect it properly.
  5. What would help is posting your debug.log, but neither of the files you posted look to me like a debug.log, please remember to post the whole debug.log an not just the part where things go weird.
  6. User was banned for attempting to create a cracked launcher.
  7. Change the name of your config so CCL generates a fresh one then compare your saved one to it, I believe dump_asm and textify are supposed to have a B: in front of them as they are Booleans (true/false, yes/no in programming), however you should double check this with a default config file.
  8. Huh? ? What was deleted and how does it relate to my signature?
  9. That's not your debug.log and you shouldn't need to re-download the pack to get it if you already have the pack, debug.log is generated by your client when you run it, it is not supplied by the pack-maker. Are you using Twitch launcher? If so they do odd things with the native launcher (the pretty one) that seem to either make it not generate modded logs or stuff them in an odd place, the workaround is to tell Twitch to use the old jar launcher, which will generate the needed logs.
  10. This is outside my area of expertise, but you could try running dxdiag, in the display tab there's a notes box... see if it lists any problems in there.
  11. I mean a code library that is specific to your OS or hardware, in this case Direct3D 9. Have you tried doing a full uninstall and reinstall of your GPU drivers or did you just update?
  12. Look there and see how your config diverges from the default
  13. Forge anything does not go in the mods folder, and your mods folder should only contain mods for the version you are currently running, you can use custom game directories for each profile to create different instances for each version, I just put this together in another thread, give it a try:
  14. Using the Mojang launcher, you can change the game directory for each profile. To do this: Click the three lines in the upper right of the launcher Click launcher options Select (or create) the profile you want to set a separate directory for Click the switch next to Game Directory Click the text box to set the path to the directory Note: This new directory will not be just for mods, but all files normally in .minecraft Edit: Thread moved to Support as well.
  15. Forge doesn’t go in your mods folder, you run the installer and it adds itself to the launcher’s available Minecraft versions, you might have to manually create the new profile and select that version though.
  16. Please post your debug.log in the manner described in my signature.
  17. NEVER get anything from that site, CurseForge is the ONLY site I trust for mods. 9Minecraft is known to host mods without permission from the original creator, place these mods behind ads, and claim they are compatible with versions that they are NOT. For further information please see the StopModReposts project, I highly advise you install their browser extension, it will alert you when you visit a site on their blacklist.
  18. Cases like that are why the first question most techs will ask you is "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"
  19. No, can you give me the links to where you're getting the mods? I'm not getting the crash when I try to recreate your launcher setup on my end.
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