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  1. For people that want it, however once versions get that old they are offered in an "as-is, no warranties, no support" fashion.
  2. This is an issue with IC2, from the decompiled source I have they appear to be trying to access client-side code from common code. I'm not confident enough in my own knowledge of the mod's code to definitively say this is the case but this should be reported to the IC2 devs.
  3. @Ways I am not just saying this to be a dick as seems to be the impression you are getting, this has been stated numerous times by @diesieben07.
  4. From that screenshot you appear to have WAILA itself disabled, 0 on the numpad should get you WAILA / HWYLA's settings window.
  5. 1.7.10 is no longer supported on this forum, please update to receive support.
  6. Please post your fml-client-latest.log, preferably using a site like Pastebin or GitHub's Gist Service.
  7. Then I'm afraid you're on your own, sorry. Forge only promises to support the two most recent versions of Minecraft.
  8. 1.7.10 is no longer supported on this forum due to its age. Please update.
  9. The Forge installer makes a profile, you'll need to use the arrow next to the play button to switch to the new profile
  10. I'm actually not 100% sure, but hopefully a fresh install of the proper version (and remember to switch to the newer profile) will work.
  11. And you say you're getting the latest recommended installer?
  12. Where are you getting your forge installer? is an old version and is neither the latest nor the recommended build.
  13. Please post another screenshot of your launcher like you did before, I need to see your latest install.
  14. Oh I see, so walk me through this, how did you install Forge?
  15. Wait hold on a second... you said earlier you were using the twitch client... are you trying to install packs from Twitch then launch them with a vanilla launcher installed on your computer?
  16. Ah, one of the responses confused me, please post your debug.log if it exists, you can find it in your .minecraft\logs folder (click the link for OS-specific locations)
  17. MrCrayfish makes more than a furniture mod, you have the wrong Crayfish mod
  18. Ok, also worthy of note is that Twitch app is completely independent of any local installation of Minecraft on your computer, therefore uninstalling and re-installing Minecraft on your computer with do nothing. WHat I usually tell people is to go into your Documents\Curse\ folder and delete the versions folder, this will force Twitch to re-download all the Minecraft and Forge jars the next time they are needed.
  19. You are using a mod that requires Mr Crayfish's device mod to function, but you do not appear to have it installed. Note: For future reference with more modern versions of Forge debug.log in your .minecraft\logs folder will provide more information.
  20. Each Optifine version is stated(by Optifine, not by Forge) to be compatible with a specific version (build) of Forge, they denote the compatible version in each version's changelog. i.e. https://optifine.net/changelog?f=OptiFine_1.12.2_HD_U_D3.jar has this line: Note that the installer will not work for Twitch launcher because it handles launching the game differently, to change the Forge version used by a Twitch profile click the following buttons: ... (ellipses) Profile Options Untick the "Locked" box (Pre-made packs only, note the warning Twitch gives you to the right of this box) Select the version from the dropdown that is specified by the Optifine version you are using Personally I tend to get any packs straight from the CurseForge site and import them into MultiMC, as I feel it gives me more control with a cleaner interface.
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