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  1. I only get that when I try to force SSL on the main site (these forums). Even when I force SSL on the Files repo I don't get the error, so there shouldn't be an issue with getting to the download page. Edit: Can I just have you confirm the URL you're talking about? Go to the site and Copy-Paste from the URL bar please.
  2. Yes, but on the play button what forge version does it say? If it does not match the version from the latest installer then you need to delete the old forge profile and re-run the installer to get the new profile.
  3. Did you copy and paste that into the box? Because that is not even remotely the whole file. Please use the upload button.
  4. There's an oddity with how it utilizes the Mojang launcher that stops debug.log and fml-client-latest.log from being generated where they are supposed to, according to some quick tests I did. In any case you don't see a debug.log or an fml-client-latest.log in your logs folder?
  5. What you gave was a copy paste from the console, please provide your fml-client-latest.log. A description of how to find it and the preferred method of posting can be found in my signature.
  6. Please use Pastebin or GitHub Gists, they are both linked in my signature, you can upload the file to one of those sites and they will give you a link to share.
  7. It's the thing at the bottom of every one of my posts, the thing starting with "For players asking for assistance with forge"... unless you happen to have them globally turned off or are browsing on mobile.
  8. Use Finder, the ".minecraft" in my signature is a link to the Minecraft Wiki page that will tell you where to find your minecraft folder, the debug.log is in the logs folder inside the minecraft folder.
  9. That is a copy paste from your client's console, what I'm asking for is the debug.log text file that the client generates, check my signature for where to find it and how to post it.
  10. In my signature the word .minecraft is a link to the Minecraft wiki page that will tell you where it is on your computer depending on your Operating System. The file fml-client-latest.log will have a lot more information, if you can please use the file upload button on Pastebin or Gist, this will be easier than copy-pasting the entire contents of the file.
  11. Please post your debug.log as described in the EAQ and my signature.
  12. Please do not hijack threads just because you "have the same issue". Please make your own thread and post your log as described in my signature.
  13. Ok let's try starting from the ground up. What launcher are you using and where are you getting Forge and the mods you use?
  14. When using the vanilla launcher both of these files are found in .minecraft\logs and should be posted using Pastebin or GitHub Gists. Like it says in my signature.
  15. Please post your fml-client-latest.log in the manner described in my signature, I also suggest updating both Forge and Schematica.
  16. You might have to delete the old version's launcher profile and re-run the installer, the log you gave is from an older version, it's still a 1.12.2 version but it's a rather old one.
  17. The only thing I see that's abnormal is the lack of a System Details dump, and of course the fact that it looks like it was cut short. When the black screen appears how much time are you giving it before you kill it?
  18. Please post it as described in my signature as it is, please do not modify it.
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