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  1. Pixelmon are saying that because "it worked before", they need to update their mod with a more recent MDK.
  2. @MDW01 Didn't we see this same error in another thread?
  3. I found the issue and we should both be embarrassed...you for the mistake and me for the amount of time it took for me to find it, I have submitted a Pull Request to your first repo with the fix and formatted the repo in the way that is intended from the MDK package. The issue: Both of your proxies were the "common proxy", speaking of which, from the common issues thread:
  4. Your repo doesn't have your whole workspace in it, this can sometimes get in the way of reproducing errors, I would recommend using a git client to upload every file that it will let you (one of the files provided by Forge's MDK is a .gitignore file, this will automatically determine which files do not need to be uploaded, you will not need to do this manually).
  5. "layer0": "items/test_item" should be "layer0": "scrmod:items/test_item"
  6. 1. Please update, 1.7.10 is ancient 2. That usually means you haven't followed the instructions correctly or there may be a file permission issue(move it somewhere else and try again).
  7. Try removing MrTJPCore and the mods that depend on it, I don't know much about coremods but I've heard they can cause errors that don't always get traced back to the offending coremod. Noticed this in the log at the beginning, again I'm not that knowledgeable about coremods but I'm very cautious about when they throw even a warning.
  8. Preferably use a site like Pastebin or GitHub's Gist service and then link to it here.
  9. The entire config system for simplyjetpacks seems to be changed on GitHub, so we'll have to see what the next release does.
  10. Can you post your crash report please?
  11. This is where the exception is being thrown, I would suggest moving your simplyjetpacks config(including your custom jetpack) out of the minecraft installation, having the mod make a fresh one, then re-applying your changes manually with the moved copy as a guide.
  12. I'm not seeing the same issue on my end, however I noticed you're missing all your gradle stuff in the repo, could you please add that.
  13. There is also the fact that Google is enforcing SSL if people want to get Notifications in Chrome, they don't let you enable it on non-SSL sites.
  14. I've seen some text editors insert symbols because the text encoding wasn't correct, double check that they're UTF-8.
  15. Have you tweaked the SimplyJetpacks configs? I'm seeing exceptions from the config loaders of SimpleJetpacks and JourneyMap.
  16. The other person is connecting to the server... not to your client, the server would know more about the exchange than your client would. Please excuse my dumbness sometimes
  17. This looks like a client log, can you provide the server log? In regards to the file size issue, could you try using GitHub's gist service and see if it accept the full file?
  18. We mean the log file, not what you see in the console window, if you're using the vanilla launcher with forge on Windows you can open the run prompt (Windows Key + R) and type %AppData%/.minecraft/logs then click "run" and this will open the logs folder, what will help us most is the fml-client-latest.log file, and again, please use a site like pastebin rather than uploading the file.
  19. 1. This thread is almost 4 years old, if you have an issue please make a new thread. 2. If your issue is with a 1.7.10 version, please update or you will not get much help.
  20. What I've done in the past to update the forge version is simply get the updated mdk and unzip it into the project, then run gradlew setupdecompworkspace --refreshdependencies
  21. Just run the installer, the only requirements for it to work are a working internet connection and java (which is a requirement for minecraft anyway). Note that when I say "run" I do not mean unzip, I mean run it as a program, by double clicking, or from the command line like this if you have the jar version of the installer.
  22. What do you mean by "archives of forge"? Are you looking for a zip that you can extract or unzip and have a working forge server?
  23. Assuming you are running it through the command line, add -Xmx to specify the max you will give the server. Note that this is the same method as a vanilla server Example: java -jar forge.jar -Xmx3G will give the server a max of 3 Gigs to use
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