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  1. Please see http://stopmodreposts.org, 9Minecraft is known to rehost mods without permission, stick ads on mod downloads, and mark them as compatible with versions that they are NOT in order to get more clicks.
  2. Can I ask what you're trying to achieve with this, as setting the account wont completely work without giving the password as well.
  3. Taking a look at the arguments that the launcher is giving your minecraft instance, the last argument wins so: I'm assuming the first one is the one you put in and that looks to be enough, however there is a second argument that is overruling it and setting the memory to not even enough to run vanilla. Take a look in your settings and remove the one from the end.
  4. By "freezes" do you mean it stops doing things and then quits or freezes and you force quit it?
  5. That doesn't look like the forge download page, please make sure you are downloading Forge from files.minecraftforge.net and nowhere else, while you are at it please look at http://stopmodreposts.org/. I would also recommend deleting whatever file you got from that site, including files you have gotten from it in the past, and running a virus scan on your computer. The reason for my recommendation should become clear after a quick read of StopModReposts.
  6. I'm afraid I don't see anything in the log that relates to or indicates that a crash even occurred. We'll have to wait for someone more knowledgeable to come along, sorry.
  7. When it crashes does the launcher tell you a crash report was created? I suppose I should also ask what launcher you're using, Vanilla?
  8. That's the log, not the crash report, and judging from a thread I found somewhere else the error from Yggdrasil might be expected, so that doesn't really help as much as I originally hoped.
  9. I may be barking up the wrong tree actually... could you post the crash report in a spoiler(click the eye then paste the log into the box that appears)?
  10. Did this happen just once or is it happening repeatedly? Did you allow time between login/connection attempts?
  11. Not claiming to be an expert, but to me it looks like Noppes isn't doing a side check before calling client-only code. Disclaimer: If Diesieben, another member of staff, or a more experienced modder contradicts me, you should probably take their word over mine.
  12. This sounds like a bug with the pack or with the individual mod rather than Forge, please report it to the pack and/or mod devs.
  13. How much memory do you have on your machine?
  14. You seem to be running the client in an IDE, this error is expected and can be safely ignored in that case. As for the issue itself, you should take Ugdhar's advice from your other thread and post the source on GitHub so we can see. Also, why have you posted essentially the same thread in two places? You've even managed to post neither of them in the proper place: http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/forum/70-modder-support/
  15. So you tried the jar installer as well and not just the windows installer, right?
  16. No I mean there should be a file literally called latest.log
  17. I don't see the forge jar in your screenshot, and I would suggest using the installer rather than just grabbing the universal. I also wouldn't recommend putting a server in offline mode unless the server and your client(s) is/are on the same local network and said local network does not have access to the internet.
  18. Would you mind posting the latest.log without removing anything?
  19. This bug exists in 1.12.2 - due to the way the devs tried to implement FMLThrowingEventBus, I have been informed that this change will be undone and they will try to find a different method of implementing it.
  20. I don't see the Dalek Mod in here, and when I decompile it: @Mod( modid = "thedalekmod", version = "(Update 47", name = "thedalekmod", acceptedMinecraftVersions = "[1.12,1.13)" ) I've never seen a mod with a version formatted like that in the code
  21. Have you modified the config for Big/Extreme Reactors? If yes, undo any changes and try again. If you haven't, then it might be a bug in the mod's default configuration.
  22. It sounds like you're playing Windows 10/Bedrock Edition. Forge only works on the Java Edition, and no there will not be a version for Bedrock
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