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  1. Assuming you are running it through the command line, add -Xmx to specify the max you will give the server. Note that this is the same method as a vanilla server Example: java -jar forge.jar -Xmx3G will give the server a max of 3 Gigs to use
  2. Please post your fml-client-latest.log
  3. @lyghtningwither The Yggdrasil thing is a matter of how fast your client makes requests to Mojang's authentication servers, if you don't see the exception then your client is probably just giving enough time between the requests that the server's don't complain. From what I've read elsewhere the client should catch that exception and basically say "Oh ok, I'll wait a bit and try again"
  4. Stab in the dark, have you tried updating your graphics drivers?
  5. When the "Not Responding" window comes up are you giving it time or quitting as soon as you see that?
  6. If you want to make a Server-Side GUI I don't think you can use anything from Minecraft's built-in GUI Utilities, you will likely need to build one from scratch. Edit: I am an idiot who did not read the whole thread
  7. It looks like CustomNPCs errored out Forge and it propagated because dependencies
  8. Aren't the mods with updates available the ones that have emeralds next to them in the mods list?
  9. I just grabbed the latest version of forge, ran a test and in the quick test I did the lower-case-named en_us.lang worked fine.
  10. Two mods are trying to register the same metal with Tinkers, you'll have to choose which one to use or check the config for both mods to see if you can stop one of them from registering it.
  11. Try this (in a spoiler because YouTube player is obnoxiously big):
  12. Provided the mods have been programmed correctly, if not then things will crash and the log should make it clear who the offender is.
  13. What's different between you and him? - From the server's point of view: Nothing He will need all the mods too
  14. If mods are programmed to identify themselves properly, mods that don't need to be on one of the sides with be automatically ignored by Forge, so it's good practice to have them all on both sides.
  15. And are you sure that mod is either on both the server and client or alternately removed from both?
  16. Does it not mention missing mods on your screen when the server drops you?
  17. Your attachment is broken...I get an error page
  18. Please learn to use GitHub if you plan to share code, there are many Git Clients that make it simple (sometimes too simple)
  19. 1.7.10 is no longer supported on this forum, please update to receive support.
  20. From EAQ: You need to use Java 8
  21. Please post your fml-client-latest.log Please use pastebin or a similar site to do so.
  22. Unfortunately some mods stick with their own hosting, such as AnimalsPlus which I don't see on Curseforge. Mods like this can usually be found through links posted on the Minecraft Forum, but you should always be wary downloading mods regardless.
  23. I know how to do it, I was testing how complete the effect would be and beyond vanity, i.e. the display name, there seem to be no other changes unless a password is also provided.
  24. One of the mods you are using requires the PlayerAPI mod, which you do not have installed.
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