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  1. https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2/Git-Branching-Branches-in-a-Nutshell If you’ve set it up in a different folder you can also just add a repository to GitHub desktop and select the new folder. This will create a new local repo and then you can push to a seperate remote branch on your GitHub repo
  2. You could use a layer, but I would just do everything in my Renderer. I would check how vanilla layers are used by looking at one of the players render layer classes (search for classes that end with “Layer”) and then looking for usages of it’s constructor.
  3. Rendering and handling keyboard input should only be done on the client. Logic (pretty much everything else) should be done on the sever. However, to make stuff look smoother, vanilla runs some logic on both client and server (so that it appears to run smoothly on the client while the real result is synced a little bit later from the server)
  4. You’ll want your own recipe. Someone’s done this for 1.15, https://github.com/jacktheminecraftmodder/AllTheThings https://github.com/jacktheminecraftmodder/AllTheThings/blob/master/src/main/resources/data/allm/recipes/_factories.json https://github.com/jacktheminecraftmodder/AllTheThings/blob/master/src/main/resources/data/allm/recipes/test_item.json
  5. When you launch the game are those mods loaded (i.e. are the mods in your libs/mods folder)?
  6. You can use a lambda for this Also, use @Override https://stackoverflow.com/questions/94361/when-do-you-use-javas-override-annotation-and-why Your subscription looks right, place a breakpoint to make sure it gets called though.
  7. I’ve done this (badly) before, let me try and find my forum article. The way I would do it if I did it now is have a chunk capability that has a list of energy networks (one for each group of connected pipes) that allow the cables in the network to draw from a collective power supply. In addition to this each network could store a list of other networks it’s connected to (via entry/exit positions?) to speed up the transfer between networks & allow energy to travel over unloaded chunks.
  8. So you can either use a library mod that enables you to do this (DynamicLights/OptiFine) or write your own implementation. The common way to do this without a library is to place and destroy invisible blocks that emit light. This doesn’t work underwater though and is pretty bad for performance and has other issues like how to remove the block.
  9. You don’t ever sync the values. Read the Documentation. Here’s an example of a TileEntity that syncs it’s energy every time it changes and here’s an example of a TileEntity that syncs its smeltTime whenever you’re in its GUI (see its container for the syncing)
  10. It’s definitely possible to change the player model’s pose. I would look at vanilla’s code and see where it’s done from, poke around a bit and see if there are any events you can use or if there is anything that you can replace to get what you want.
  11. Did you refresh your project In eclipse afterwards? Eclipse is notoriously bad and handling changes made outside its editor. The eclipse task should have downloaded and set up Forge which includes Minecrafts patched code and all the libraries. The genEclipseRuns task should have downloaded all the (extra) files necessary to run the client (translations etc.) and set up your launch configs. The launch configs require your to refresh your workspace for eclipse to notice them. Please post the output of running (Or trying to run) your runClient launch config.
  12. Download DCEVM, go to project settings and change the project SDK to DCEVM. You can also select a specific JVM per run config
  13. I don’t know. If you look at vanilla’s code you should be able to figure it out though
  14. Yes. You might want to do some research on generics one Java.
  15. Where you used to have calls to GLStateManager.scale. Where exactly depends on your code
  16. What steps did you follow to set up eclipse?
  17. Yes I realise. What I told you to do is replace calls to GlStateManager.scale with calls to MatrixStack#scale. If you don’t have a matrix stack and can’t get one then you’re probably in the clear (for now) to use RenderSystem.scale
  18. Show your entity type reference (if you simply used the ? wildcard for your generic parameter it obviously won’t work when you try to use it in the rendering registry call)
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