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  1. The installer is a .jar file, You need Java installed to run it. You can't delete posts but you can edit the top post to add "[SOLVED] " to the title.
  2. Because the old config system was not great and moving to the new one makes everything much cleaner as it uses a better API built on top of NightConfig.
  3. Yep, PR: https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge/pull/6421 I’m currently working on the Forge docs for the config system, here’s my tutorial on them in the meantime.
  4. No. Item Registry Event: - Create EntityType - Create and register Spawn Egg EntityType Registry Event: - Register EntityType In External/Referenced Libraries in your IDE. I assume spawning entities would be in ServerWorld.
  5. No, but I’m general static initialisers are bad and you shouldn’t use them. It’s unlikely that this is the cause of it, but you should fix it anyway (you’ll need to create your entity entry but not register it in your item registry event to register it’s spawn egg, then register it in the entity registry event). Have you tried looking at vanilla’s code to see how it gets a creature to spawn? Working back from that code should allow you see why yours isn’t working.
  6. Update to a modern version of Minecraft to receive support. Also read the forge docs about dependencies...
  7. Make sure you have Java installed and use JarFix. In future do not hijack threads.
  8. Subscribe to the ItemBurnTimeEvent (or similarly named, it’s used in the furnace code). I believe you can also change time time in other ways - the furnace tile entity’s code is going to be where you should start looking.
  9. Some examples of code that do raytracing: - debug overlay’s targeted block - throwable entity’s update code (before it calls onImpact) - Minecraft’s code that’s sets objectMouseOver
  10. It’s not the reason it’s broken, it’s just useless code. This is your own internal method that you’re using - you never pass null into your method (and obviously shouldn’t) so the check is pointless. However, if you accidentally do pass null into this method (because an objectholder failed or you forgot to create a biome) you’re not going to want it to just fail silently - you’re going to want to know about it.
  11. You really shouldn’t need this check. Please show your full code or link a GitHub.
  12. You can use Minecraft#objectMouseOver. You can also look at the ray trading that the debug overlay does to show you your targeted block and block (at a surprisingly far range)
  13. You should use eclipse’s gradle integration to set up your workspace. I have a tutorial on how to set up a 1.14.4 workspace with eclipse at https://cadiboo.github.io/tutorials/1.14.4/forge/1.1-importing-project/eclipse/
  14. I would do it by subscribing to the server tick event and iterating each players inventory (try to stagger this so you don’t do each inventory each tick) then removing any stacks who’s item is not allowed (via setStackInSlot(ItemStack.EMPTY)).
  15. It is possible but leads to crashes if something tries to reference those items (even if it’s just a json recipe). So you shouldn’t do it. The best way to do this would be to remove the item from all creative tabs and remove its recipe. That way ops can still get the item with /give but normal players can’t get it. If you want to go a step further you can create an event handler that scans players inventories for the item and removes it (and hopefully tells the player about it).
  16. Use a git client. GitHub desktop is good if you have limited experience in git/the command line
  17. I would look into the render overlay event and it’s phases
  18. I feel like I’ve answered this recently before. Check if Minecraft#currentScreen is an container screen and if so grab the container and do stuff with it.
  19. You update your workspace by changing your forge version & mappings then re-running the setup tasks.
  20. This may be helpful https://gist.github.com/Cadiboo/385211b732d09b707ff825246d71b2c1#dimensions
  21. You can use a key bind to set a field somewhere (1.14.4 example). Rendering changed a lot in 1.15.1. Your best bet is to look the vanilla code.
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