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  1. can you show me a sample for an entity-egg, stored in a field and the matching entity register line?
  2. But how do i register exactly the ones from the items instead new ones?
  3. And where do i set the blockproperties in this registration style? for the Blockinit. I get an error: Syntax error, insert "}" to complete ClassBody at the open curly brace of the registry event... But i have all curly braces, wich are shown in the sample
  4. http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/topic/68854-how-to-register-a-spawn-egg-as-item/ In this thread V0idWa1k3r posted this: If this is wrong, can you show me a working sample for the right way to connect entitys to spawn eggs right?
  5. Hello i get a missing textures error: Some where i found an info-text, that sayd, that for version 1.13.2 mods, the folder with the block-textures need the name "block" instead of "blocks" now. i also changed that inside the block model jsons too Why it still will look in a folder called "blocks"?
  6. i changed the ItemBlock-line in the constructor of the BalloonBlock into this: ItemInit.ITEMS.add(new ItemBlock(this, getDefaultProperties()).setRegistryName(this.getRegistryName())); but the block still does not appear in my creative-inventory...
  7. now i have no mor errors in the log and i can enter my test-world. But my custom blocks don´t appear in my creative-inventar... My Main-class: My BlockInit-class: My BalloonBlock-class (the other blocks are very similar): My ItemInit-class: What must i change to make my blocks appear in the creative-inventory?
  8. Now i get no more errors in log, and i can enter my test world. But if i open the creative-inventory, i see black-purple-checkered boxes instead of my spawn-eggs. And if i try to use them, just a common chicken appears instead of my custom birds... My Main-class: The three classes of my red bird: The EntityRed-class: The ModelRed-class: The RenderRed-class: What do i need to change, to make my entitys work right?
  9. how exactly do i set a registry name for an entity?
  10. can you tell me how that should look exactly? In some other threads i already told, that i cannot open the minecraft included java-docks, because my eclipse cannot find them through the imports in my files.
  11. i thaught, the Reference.MOD_ID + ".red" part at the end of the lines makes the registtry names. And i find no "setRegistryName" in the strg-space-dropdown-menu in the entity-classes...
  12. Hello my error-log now shows this: It leads me to this: @SubscribeEvent public static void registerEntities(final RegistryEvent.Register<EntityType<?>> event) { event.getRegistry().register(EntityType.Builder.create(EntityRed.class, EntityRed::new).tracker(32, 1, true).build(Reference.MOD_ID + ".red")); event.getRegistry().register(EntityType.Builder.create(EntityChuck.class, EntityChuck::new).tracker(32, 1, true).build(Reference.MOD_ID + ".chuck")); event.getRegistry().register(EntityType.Builder.create(EntityBlues.class, EntityBlues::new).tracker(32, 1, true).build(Reference.MOD_ID + ".blues")); event.getRegistry().register(EntityType.Builder.create(EntityBomb.class, EntityBomb::new).tracker(32, 1, true).build(Reference.MOD_ID + ".bomb")); event.getRegistry().register(EntityType.Builder.create(EntityMathilda.class, EntityMathilda::new).tracker(32, 1, true).build(Reference.MOD_ID + ".mathilda")); RenderHandler.regigisterEntityRenders(); LOGGER.info("Entities registered."); } what does it mean, what exactly i have to fix?
  13. i´m still waiting for help with this (for 1.13.2) that entire model is much smaller than the common player model (just a cube with the zize of the commen head with tiny detail-elements) so i want to display holded items (especially the shield) in half of the size, they are on the common model. and is there any application, that allows me to add some player-propertys to the model like telling it wich box-groups should be the arms (for holding items), head,...or setup custom animations for using items/shield,... ?
  14. 1. i downloaded the MDK of Forge - MC 1.13.2 and copyed it´s contents into a new folder in my modding-space (next to the folder with my 1.12.2 mod, that each mod-version has it´s very own folder) 2. i opened the command-window (that black dos-like thingy) and used "gradlew eclipse" on that prepared folder. 3. i copyed the src-folder of my old mod into the new folder, replacing the src-folder there. 4. i opened eclipse with the folder, wich holds my mod-folders as the new workspace
  15. but i cannot look inside there, if i hover over my imports, who starts wich minecraft, i get a popup with message: and if i try to open such a class to look into it, i just get an more advanced info-vindow, that´s not a java-editor
  16. but if i start the properties for the ItemBlock with (Item.Properties. in ItemInit.ITEMS.add(new ItemBlock(this, null).setRegistryName(this.getRegistryName())); instead of "null" in my block class, the dropdown-menu holds only the options: -class:Class<net.minecraft.item.Item.Properties> -super -this for Block properties in the blockinit it will show me things like material, sound or hardness/resistance
  17. The error leads me to the iteminit-line in the constructor of my block class. do i need to add something in my iteminit-class too? And if yes, how do i set itam-properties like stacksize and ItemGroup without having an itembase?.
  18. Hello i created my entities in Blockbench. It has a tab to create custom animations. But how can i save souch animations? If i just click save, and close the application, the animations will be deleted... What must i do to get them save? it´s because i create a coustom player model and want to add custom animations for using items and rising and lowering a shield
  19. Here is the whole new error log I added the registry name thing to all my blocks. what also goes wrong here?
  20. how do you set the mapColor I cannot add this to the properties in the line of the block in the blockinit: properties.mapColor It says, this is undefined...
  21. actual i get this in the log: and how do i add specific properties like stacksize and itemgroup to the item-block?
  22. oh ok, now i fix it. i added this now: setRegistryName(name); But i still get theese errors...
  23. does it now use the registry-name of the block to find the right json-files in the resources?
  24. I thaught, that´s the name, i gave it in it´s line in the BlockInit...
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