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  1. i just did not realize, that the first line there was a link and i thaught that is that thing, what crashed... but it seems like i have to install this to be able to install the other github thing.
  2. i cannot install the GitHub Desktop . i get an error and it crashed. how do i setup my repository correctly without the client?
  3. i already refreshed it serveral times after that. and i edited it inside there.
  4. i thaught you just wanted to see all my code to search for error and i thaught jyu can do it yjst be reading it. but so now i look, how i can get the git-client.
  5. i think, i already show you all files, you need to know about my mod there...
  6. i already posted it some post´s higher. it didn´t change, so i thaught, there is no need to post it again. it seems like eclipse just didn´t notice, that i modified that json file.
  7. the only way i found, was to upload the folders with my java and resource-files...
  8. here: https://github.com/Drachenbauer/Angry-Birds-Mod
  9. i have all my blocks from different selfmade block-classes, because i use differenr custom models with diferent sizes for them and want to have fitting boundingboxes. So i see no way to do that by going through the list in my BlockInit. So i made an ItemBlick line for each of my blocks in the ItemInit. But i wonder, why i still cannot find them in my inventory...
  10. The part of the log file: and the scheenshot: Why it cannot find them? i already made a refresh and a cleanup.
  11. It seems like it does not register, what i changed in my jsons... i still get the error with the egg-block, but i already changed it. this is how the blockstate looks now. Why i still get the error with "normal"
  12. i copied a json for a spawn-egg, pasted it into the folder, the console told about, and renamed it into what the project tries to find. But it still cannot find them...
  13. But still no items of my blocks appear in the inventory... Just an emly extra line in this tab...
  14. found some blockstate-jsons in a resource-pack on my pc and found some differences between them and mine.
  15. but i have that json file in my resources and it is spelled correctly. so i don´t know why it does not find it. it seems like, i have to change something in the blockstate-json, but i don´t know what. And with the egg-block it´s a different error:
  16. i made it this way now: ITEMS.add(BlockInit.BALLOON_BLOCK.getItemBlock()); ITEMS.add(BlockInit.EGG_BLOCK.getItemBlock()); ITEMS.add(BlockInit.NEST_BLOCK.getItemBlock()); ITEMS.add(BlockInit.SLINGSHOT_BLOCK.getItemBlock()); ITEMS.add(BlockInit.SLINGSHOT2_BLOCK.getItemBlock()); , without the for(BlockBase b : ModBlocks.BLOCKS) { } around them
  17. this is my main-class now: I don´t know how a json for a spawn-egg must look like... Found it in one of the resource-packs on my pc.
  18. That makes problems with the getItemBlock command. seems like it is not pre written in the common Block-class
  19. My console shows me problems with my blockstates-jsons. What´s now the right setup for a file with only one state (it doesn´t know "normal" any more)? And what for a file with 4 states (north, east, south, west)
  20. I still have purple black blocks instead of eggs and get chickens by using them... so there still must be something with my entity specific files... or is it the placement of in my Main-class? i found this in the console: and this: Why it tries to find item-jsons in my resources? it should take the files for the common spawn-egg appearence in the common resources ofminecraft.
  21. Someone told me, i should not use a blockbase. How do i get this to work: // Itemblocks for Blocks for(BlockBase b : ModBlocks.BLOCKS) { ITEMS.add(b.getItemBlock()); }
  22. I sucessfully wrote little games with scratch and Scripts for objects in Seccoud Life. I thaught, i got enouch java-knowledge by doung theese things.
  23. Should i use five different names instead ot using "EntityInEgg" for alll five?
  24. But i don´t know how to put the field-thing into the register line...
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