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  1. for me it looks like since any time ago my compiler soes not notice modifications in my projekt any more, no matter wot i do: -modify java-files -modify resources -do refreshes and ctensups and use the debug-button instead of just run it
  2. they are png´s i only mean, it´s not needed to show this file ending inside a model-json.
  3. how do i make worn chestplates, leggings and boots from the armour-sets invisible for my custom model? and how do i make a "switch player models with a key on the keyboard" funktion?
  4. Is it possible to have invisible parts as arms? In the Angry Birds toons the birds can use objects with some kind of tenecinetic powers, what makes them hover next to their body. And i want to have this effect here too.
  5. In the block-model-jsons of Krevik (this user showad me his/her mod) the file-ending of the textures don´t appear too.
  6. i just dit not realize, that you mean that gerRegistryName with that. so they are in the BlockInit, too, in the lines, where i added the properties to my blocks. i placed theese names in the ObjectHolders now
  7. but why this gut called it "test"? and also i´m not sure, what is the name of my block registry...
  8. LTNightshade posted this in another topic: @ObjectHolder(nimox.ModId) public class ModBlocks { public static NonNullList<BlockBase> BLOCKS = NonNullList.create(); @ObjectHolder("test") public static final BlockTest BLOCK_TEST = null; public static void register(RegistryEvent.Register<Block> blockRegistryEvent){ // Create Instances and add to BLOCKS List. BLOCKS.add(new BlockTest()); // Registering all for(Block b : BLOCKS) { blockRegistryEvent.getRegistry().register(b); } } } it includes a @ObjectHolder at this place, too
  9. wired if i run it on my eclipse, a minecraft window opens, but i just cannot use my stuff in the game-world.
  10. i cannot find something in your mod, that helps me to find the error...
  11. the texture-error looks like it could not recognize my resourcepack-type, so i think that was because of a wrong folder-structure. but now i get an error in github, if i try to commit my changes...
  12. i found out, that you have an extra "data"-folder in your resources, that holds your recipes. mine still were in the "assets" maybe that is, why it did not know the resourcepack-type i´ll give it another try.
  13. i think the error must be somewhere else, because i think, a correct mod has to work with a correct formatted resource-pack
  14. somewhere i found an info-sheet, that says, that resource-packs for 1.13.2 have to be changed to "block" and "item" instead of "blocks" and "items" in the textures area. and I have working datapacks from that format on my pc. and model-jsons never are directly in a "models" folder. they are always in the "block" and "item" folders there
  15. the errors are still there... and all the tim the error-log ends with:
  16. i looked into the pack.memeta of my resources and one from an actual pack. and i found out, that the pack format of the actual pack is 4 amd in mine was 3. i changed that to 4, but still get theese errors. you can look into my mod here: https://github.com/Drachenbauer/AngryBirdsMod
  17. i already made cleanups, refreshes ans edited some java-code.
  18. What does this mean? what is a data fixer
  19. how do i tell it about that now? i changed the json-code inside them too.
  20. is this now ok? https://github.com/Drachenbauer/AngryBirdsMod
  21. now i used all 5 commands, but my repository on the website is still empty...
  22. i thaught, i see any status lines. at the first line i got such a feedback.
  23. i have problems with the line: git remote add origin <url to your github repository> i tried it with and without the pointy braces around my url, but i get nothing or a syntax error... git remote add origin <https://github.com/Drachenbauer/AngryBirdsMod> git remote add origin https://github.com/Drachenbauer/AngryBirdsMod
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