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  1. in the item registration, where i have the thing with the eggs, it says "EntityItem" and in the entity registration i have the names of my entitys there. how do i connect my entitys with the eggs?
  2. do you mean, i have to place a <?> behind EntityType? ok, now the red underscore is gone.
  3. do you mean empty braces behind it? I don´t know, what exactly you mean with "provide parameter" what exactly must i add there
  4. @SubscribeEvent public static void registerEntities(final RegistryEvent.Register<EntityType> event) { event.getRegistry().register(EntityType.Builder.create(EntityRed.class, EntityRed::new).tracker(32, 1, true).build("AngryBirdsMod.EntityRed")); LOGGER.info("Entities registered."); } What must in the place, where i have EntityType in the top line, to get a working event to register entitys
  5. Thet´s ( helper method ) what i need a sample for Oh and i don´t know, what "sendvelocity" in your entity-register-line is for
  6. do i need copies of the two inner lines for each of my entities?
  7. can you give me an example for that builder-line in a method? i think, in this case, i can find a way to connect it with my entity-lines in my EnityInit-class Anf for the paremeters, i have no other items there to look at
  8. Hello can anyone tell me how to put my Costom entity-class into the first "null" here: public static final Item RED_EGG = new ItemSpawnEgg(null, 14614528, 14663583, null); the two numbers are the egg-colors. Every thing i tryed to put in my entity, caused red underscores with errors.
  9. I think, the best way for me is watching videos, where anyone creates a 1.13.2 mod and follow them doing, what they do. But i find not much such videos...
  10. Do you mean into the curly braces of a method or as the top line of the method?
  11. i know only vaules, wich are different for my different entitys. But someone sayd, this is needed only once and should work for all of my entitys, by adding my separate vaules later in another place.
  12. I don´t know what to insert in your line, if it´s not just for one speclal entity of my creations.
  13. If this bird is inflated in the Angry Birds games, his face and feathers look mouch smaller relative to his swollen body. So i made a seccond model file with this look. And i want to combine it with resizing too
  14. I want to change not only the size, i want to change the model-file too.
  15. if i replace "Entity" with "EntityType" it still has problems with that And i thaught, because i need only one of your line, there must be placeholders, that i can replace them with the specific parameters of each of my entitys later in another location. can you just show me a whole registry-event area with block, item and entity - events correctly added
  16. i get errors, if i do this in my registry events: @SubscribeEvent public static void registerEntities(final RegistryEvent.Register<Entity> event) { event.getRegistry().register(EntityType.Builder.create(YourEntityClass.class, YourEntityClass::new).tracker(range, frequency, sendvelocity).build("modid:name")); LOGGER.info("Entities registered."); } i copyed the registerBlocks thing and changed everywhere "Block" into "Entity" and than i pasted the line, you told me as the right event-line-look it has a problem with the blue written word "Entity" (i imported it, but it does not help) and with some stuff in the line, you told me to take
  17. and how to change the model, too? and why you place a # in your code-pieces? i´ve never seen that in my java-files...
  18. for register entitys i need more surrounding, that i see, where in the registry event i haveto place this do i need to add one for each entity, i want to register? And where to place the egg-colors?
  19. Can you write, what exactly the registration of entitys (with all theese propertys) now have to look like and where in the blocks exactly i have to use Block#getShape and Block#getCollisionShape? It does not help me, jyut to say, what i have to use, if it´s not a directly replacement of another word. I need working examples to see, where and how i have to use some of the stuff, you told me.
  20. the thing with the missing Javadoc pops up, if i hover the mouse over my imports. But it seems like the errors in my code don´t belong to this. Theese are my errors: And this are the Java-files, where the errors are in: This is my Bockbase This is one of my blocks, the others are very similar, just other vaules in some of their propertys My EntityInit: Here it doesn´t any more know "EntityRegistry". How do i now register my entitys with theese propertys (name, eggcolors, id, ...)? Here it doesn´t any more know "registerItemRenderer". This is where i create my list of custom blocks:
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