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  1. Sorry to bother you, but how would you define the path? from which directory? or just using the package structure?
  2. Solved it, My .zip was actually a .rar with the extension changed
  3. Hate to revive a dead thread, this is marked as solved, however I don't see a solution. Could somebody point out whatever I'm missing, as I have the same problem.
  4. Everywhere I look, people are referencing the "forge folder" which forge folder would this be? I cannot see any forge folder, only ".gradle", "build", "eclipse", "gradle" and "src". (of course, .gradle doesn't show up in Eclipse)
  5. Thanks for the confirmation, I didn't think so. GUI class (will be re-written at some point, its a tad messy, but I know it works as it appears when I kill myself (EntityJoinWorldEvent launches it)) And my proxy/ GUIHandler methods
  6. Which means it should always open at this point ? I guess there is something wrong in your gui handling code, then. Correct, it should always open the first time a player logs into a new world / server. My server-side gui element is returned as null, is that what is causing the problem? Do I have to make a blank container as the gui consists of nothing but buttons, which send a packet to the server when clicked, and close the GUI
  7. Explains why adding this event handler didn't make the print statements appear twice, thanks for the explanation. The result of the button pressed within the GUI changes the value, or sending a command. As of yet I don't think the value is ever changed because I haven't finished my packet handler. Thanks, will try that. Do I need to register said class somewhere? Such as in the @Mod class? EDIT: Never mind, found it. (NetworkRegistry.registerConnectionHandler())
  8. I have tried to open my custom GUI on logging in/ spawning. I know the code works, as the GUI opens when I respawn, but not on initial login. EventHandler: Eclipse Output:
  9. There is an event for any entity other than a player joining the world, why can we not have an event for the player joining? for example this could be used to open a gui upon joining a server for the first time
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