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  1. What are you trying to accomplish? The textures are available as individual .png files in your modding environment, for the rest you will have to render the models with the inventory variant. However, all of the assets are Mojang's property, so I'm not sure what you are planning on doing with them.
  2. The look vector is a vector (with a length/magnitude of 1) pointing in the direction the entity is looking. So the direction/velocity of your fireball should be a multiple of that vector, and the start position should be the player eye position, plus part of the look vector (to spawn just in front of the player, instead of inside it's face)
  3. How would I go about searching for srg names inside my IDE (IDEA)? It sounds far easier than using discord or irc.
  4. The only argument I have seen for not using tags is within forge itself, and is due to it having to retain vanilla compatibility (the tags wouldn't exist on the vanilla side). I personally use tags as much as possible for my interaction, as it allows compatibility to be added between mods far easier (just add to the tag).
  5. What is your data structure / why is it not compatible with NBT? You would need to make sure you load/save it at all the appropriate times. What would lead to incompatibility, if it is your own internal data it shouldn't matter.
  6. Are you sure that you are getting the correct BlockPos? You are searching with up to a 20 block range. What happens if the BlockPos is null?
  7. If you are trying to get the position of a block outside of the reach distance, you need to perform a raytrace to find that block position.
  8. You should be able to use the chunk load event. You can save the last ash amount to a chunk capability, and if that amount is less than the world ash amount, update it.
  9. @Mod now just takes a modid (i.e. `@Mod(Reference.MODID)`)
  10. I have found that every time I update my mappings it seems to restore all the source sets. It's a minor annoyance, but not the end of the world. (Just in case someone wants more info for debugging.)
  11. I am well aware of that. My issue is that I don't feel that I know enough about it to start explaining it to others (I haven't yet looked into how you would use RegistryObject for example). I would prefer that someone who knows how to use it write it, then I could learn from that.
  12. True, but there is absolutely no mention of it in the documentation. Most modders wouldn't know to look at the javadoc of a class which they haven't heard of. Either way, this is now off-topic.
  13. I have seen references to the DeferredRegister in the test mods, but it is only today that I actually started looking into how it works. The documentation makes absolutely no mention of it at all (admittedly most of the documentation is not up to date). Would be nice if someone who understood it more could update the docs and preferably give an example (I didn't know that it sort of replaced ObjectHolder fields).
  14. Where are you calling the method from? It sounds like you are changing it on the client, not the server.
  15. Server output and log files: https://gist.github.com/Alpvax/1a9f43056150afd81e3223c802d8974c Java: 1.8.0_222 (Oracle) Forge: 28.0.14, for MC 1.14.4 Error: "Can not hotload overworld. This must be loaded at all times by main Server." No mods installed, fresh install (accepted eula, but otherwise as-installed). Does anyone have any suggestions? EDIT: After a reboot, everything started to work. Presumably it was the result of java not closing properly on a previous run
  16. You haven't actually registered your recipeSerializer. @ObjectHolder is just a reference to the registered serializer, it doesn't register anything. You need to subscribe to the registry event (Just like you do for items/blocks)
  17. Sounds like you don't know Java. If that's the case, go and learn it first. Your block constructor is the thing that you call with new in front of it.
  18. What version are you using? Could you not use block tags instead of config values?
  19. There are currently stats for block mined, and ("custom") interaction stats for the vanilla crafting blocks. All of these are manually implemented. Further there are item use stats, which are manually implemented for clicking on air, but in `ItemStack#onItemUse(context, callback)` (called when clicking a block with an item) the item use stats are incremented if the click is successful. Would people be interested in having a similar system for blocks used (as in interacted with in world)? We could hook into `PlayerInteractionManager#func_219441_a` (the same method `ForgeHooks::onRightClickBlock` is called from) to determine whether stats should be added. The reason why I was looking for something like this is because I was looking to see how easy it would be to determine how many times a player has harvested crops, but I know that right clicking crops to harvest them is quite popular, which presumably doesn't actually add the block mined stat. Also, just basing off block mined would be inaccurate, as it would count non-fully grown blocks. I could always go down the events route, but ideally I would like to be able to retroactively use the stat (i.e. before the mod was installed).
  20. Use the `@ObjectHolder` annotation on I believe a static final field initialised to null (if you have a look at some mods on GitHub you will see it).
  21. Try looking into elytra, sleeping and death. All of those involve the entity "lying down"
  22. These forums only support the latest 2 versions of Minecraft (i.e. 1.14 and 1.13 currently, although due to a special case 1.12 is also still supported currently). RE Your issue, are you using the WILDCARD_VALUE for metadata, because at least at some point in the past that was the value it had. Unfortunately you aren't going to get much more support than that here, sorry. I would STRONGLY suggest updating.
  23. Please stop spamming, you are only going to annoy people, meaning that you won't ever get an answer.
  24. This is the code that drops all the items when the block is broken. You need to change it so that it doesn't call `jar.removeItem();` but you need to save the counter value to the itemstack NBT (Try following the super call back to where items are dropped, see which method it is and override that one instead). Try looking at banners, they save their pattern etc to the NBT of the stack in an easy to follow way.
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