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  1. What do you want to achieve? There might be other ways to achieve what you want.
  2. You can register IRecipes just fine, but you need to reference them from a JSON recipe file. To register a custom IRecipe you need to get a RecipeType usingRecipeType.get (look at VanillaRecipeTypes). You also need to register a custom IRecipeSerializer using RecipeSerializers.register. RecipeSerializers also contain the registering of all vanilla serializers. To use your custom IRecipe, set the type of your recipe to the ResourceLocation you specified from YourIRecipeSerializer#getName.
  3. You don't. When the data changes on in the GUI, you send a packet from the client to the server containing the new information. The server will receive that packet and pass it to the packet handler together with the player, where you can verify if the data is correct (to prevent cheating) and set the capability data.
  4. You don't have to with Java 8+. @DcZipPL don't provide copy/paste code like that. He doesn't learn anything from it and it's actually wrong in multiple places. @TheHex create your Items in a RegistryEvent.Register<Item> event handler instead of a static initializer.
  5. Look at at net.minecraft.command.Commands. It registers all commands there and you can open each one of them to see how they work.
  6. You shouldn't even have had that in the beginning, remove it. How are you building your mod?
  7. https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge/issues/5545 As Lex said, the current fluid system is completely broken, and they won't add support until 1.14. So you can try to figure out how to use the vanilla system, otherwise you're out of luck.
  8. Yes. Just pick another profile using a different version of Forge.
  9. Why are you using LWJGL 2? Minecraft updated to LWJGL 3 in 1.13.
  10. Fluids are going to be completely reworked. You'll have to wait until Forge adds compatability.
  11. I thought it was a vanilla method patched by Forge... My mistake!
  12. Mojang obfuscates the vanilla source code. Forge uses a tool called MCP which supplies names for each variable/method/parameter. However, those names are supplied by the community, which is why there are consistency issues throughout the code.
  13. https://mcreator.net/terms-of-use Most importantly, section 7.8.
  14. Don't use MCreator. Learn Java.
  15. BTW, this is not how you ask for help...
  16. The docs explain everything for WorldSavedData. What do you need help with?
  17. That's a lot of variants... (85781777534284265411908227168123262515778152027948561985965565037726945255314758 variants)
  18. Always post the crash log whenever you crash.
  19. 1.7.10 is no longer supported on this forum due to its age. Update.
  20. Don't necro old threads. This is a 5 year old thread and completely unrelated to your problem.
  21. Why did you comment out the "apply plugin: 'forge'"? It needs to be there. Also, stop modding for 1.7.10. It's not supported anymore because of its age.
  22. Uhmmm... How does your build.gradle look like?
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