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  1. Override the methods in your Block class and make them return true.
  2. Specific Optifine version work with specific Forge version, decided and chosen by Optifine. Most Minecraft versions, there's not even a compatible version.
  3. First of all, that's never gonna work. Second, this thread is more than a year old. Don't necro old threads, make your own.
  4. Minecraft targets Java 8, Forge always targets the same as Minecraft, but both should be able to be used up until Java 10.
  5. Check if the player is an instanceof ServerPlayerEntity, then cast.
  6. Maybe try a lower resolution, 512x512 is really high and not necessary.
  7. You need to set your xSize to the width of your Screen.
  8. What do you define as a "picker"? The only thing I can think of is that you want something like the 'Pick Block' control.
  9. As you are smelting items, the furnace stores for how much XP has been smelted. As soon as a player takes an item out of the furnace, all the XP gets rewarded at once.
  10. You can't store variables like this in your Item. They are singletons and the data would be shared between all items of that type. Assuming you want to spawn a lightning bolt when the user uses your item (i.e. right clicks the item), override the Item#onItemRightClick method. You don't need any of the events. And definitely don't do this. We are spending our free time here (which we don't have a lot of) to help people. Saying this makes you sound like an entitled piece of ****.
  11. Calling people pretentious will make sure they won't help you. You should have more patience. Everybody on this forum does this in their own free time, without getting paid for anything. Minecraft has hard-coded limits for moving too fast. You can't get around this as far as I know.
  12. Your mod is also technically a resource pack and a data pack. You basically treat your src/main/resources/ folder as both of them. That means you can add a custom loot table JSON file using the minecraft namespace.
  13. That coud lead to an increased amount of user traffic. I'm curious.
  14. The method is called fillStateContainer in 1.13.
  15. Then don't bother asking. 1.7.10 is no longer supported on this forum. Update.
  16. 18G is way too much. Depending on the mods of course, but a heavy modded game needs around 4G.
  17. Why is there a taco.json in src/main/java/com/matthyfamily/init/recipes/? Remove it. No wonder you're getting those ZipExceptions, your entire resource folder structure is messed up.
  18. They have been renamed/moved. updateTick is now called tick. To schedule a tick you call IWorld#getPendingBlockTicks().scheduleTick()
  19. Custom model loaders have not been implemented, as such you can't load .obj models right now.
  20. ...What...the... That's a copy of the vanilla furnace. Yes, this is how things are done in vanilla. World#getBlockState and IBlockState#getBlock.
  21. It can't find your model file because you're missing the assets folder. In src/main/resources should be a folder called "assets" which contains the "lang", "models", "recipes" and "textures" folders. the pack.mcmeta and mcmod.info should remain in the resources folder.
  22. You should use "Build Project" instead of "Rebuild Project" if you only change code. Building your product only recompiles the changed classes while rebuilding it recompiles every class again, taking much more time. Rebuilding is sometimes required if you change resources in debug mode.
  23. This is never going to be possible with Minecraft. Or any other game probably. Minecraft itself is constantly being updated to be more efficient and in the 1.13 update world generation got its own thread. The mod launcher has also been rewritten from scratch to allow parallel mod loading which significantly increase loading times. But what you are suggesting is not going to be possible.
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