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  1. yeah you'd be better from this http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1802095-164-forge-power-of-the-elements-v113-control-all-the-elements/ but it's a 1.6.4 so as said earlier you'll need to change ids if your on 1.6.4 server if your on a 1.7 it won't work.
  2. Yay thanks, how come it has to be Block Container
  3. Yeah, I'm aware of the lack of knowledge being the problem, I j ist had to wait till all my gcses were done, which my last was Friday, so now over summer I'm gonna work through this java "bible" I have, as for the instance thatnks for showing me, ans exposing what's wrong with what I tries rather than just leaving it a learn java thanks
  4. ok, please dont tell me to learn Java it's not gonna help solve this quick problem, thanks. I have two mobs both using the same model, so I want to use the same model class, and use an IF statement to control the scale. So in my model class I've tried placing in the GL11 matrix but errors up loads, but firstly I'm trying to create a string in EntityMinotaur and EntitySatyr as shown below. Could you please say if this is the right thing to do. The string I'm trying to write the IF based on is "CreatureChoice" Then in the model class I want to put this code but as I said before the GL11 stuff errors up everything around it: if (CreatureChoice == minotaur){ GL11.glPushMatrix; GL11.glTranslatef(0F, -0.2F, 0F); GL11.glScalef(1.5F, 1.5F, 1.5F); GL11.glPopMatrix(); } EntityMinotaur (with the string): EntitySatyr (with the string): ModelHornedBiped(without IF and GL11 shown above):
  5. oh ok thats a bummer, so it has to be done in the model class, rats I try use the same model for some different things so I'll just have to copy the model and have each mob with a seperate one, anyway thanks
  6. See if any of these work http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/5cfbc2d0-26d6-4f09-ab22-aa01f53a0db1/application-cannot-be-started-contact-application-vendor?forum=winformssetup
  7. C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ZeuX and r4wk I'm searching my pc I'll let you know of anything at all that links even the shortcut as above. Ok im confused the shortcut links to a folder with the shortcut in it, hmmm have you asked the techne people?
  8. assuming you did delete every file relating to techne not just uninstall it, if you have another pc or laptop in your house try it on that and see if that works
  9. I'm on win 8.1 to, I've never had probelms completely remove it and try reinstall it and then give it time
  10. Hi, I'm being incredible thick, I've done these before and have loads working, I've been through the codes of my working one and can't find what the problem is. Sorry for my stupidity on this one. The block "appears" in game but is transparent which made me think it was a proxy problem but I looked through and couldn't find the error. It shows no error in eclipse either by the way. Their is a tileenity class as well as what's shown below Proxy: Block: render: model:
  11. kwibbles saying what If I wanted like a level 4 harvest so I need a custom pick stronger than diamond, which I don't right now at least and I think it's defined in the material section
  12. How do I set a Blocks mining requirement such as an Iron pick? I looked at tutorials but they only cover making blocks and generating not the harvesting of them?
  13. Also for a custom dimension is there anyway to get into without a portal, as in for testing I want to see if my dimensions working properly but don't have a portal set up yet?
  14. it may be tedious but this might help rightleg.setRotationPoint(-2F, 12F, 0F); the first float determins the left and right positions of the model, the second determins the height, and the third determines depth, you could try use these to position the parts where you want, you may be better not rendering the parts all at once but one at a time and positioning them until everyone is loaded and in place.
  15. Yes you could run a check of the said items durabillity and link to an if statement defining texture, or you could set up multiple items with different starting durabilities and as they reach a certain level they're replaced with a weaker variant with the different texture
  16. ok thanks you, so for visible scaling I tried GL11 like is for a custom block so GL11.glPushMatrix etc. then GL11.glScaleD etc. and Gl11.glPopMatrix etc. but this just gather numerous of errors by eclipse so how can I rescale mobs.
  17. When making an entity I noticed "this.setSize(float, float)" does this have anything to do with the visible side or is this purely where the game registers the size of gaps and things it can pass through, also does GL11 work with mobs?
  18. Hey, I have a fully working mob handler but hava a question is it possible to choose the creative tab of the egg from it.
  19. GameRegistry.addShapelessRecipe(new ItemStack(Blocks.wool, 1, 0), new Object[] {new ItemStack(Items.dye, 1, 0, Blocks.wool, 1, 1)}); try that as this works GameRegistry.addShapelessRecipe(new ItemStack(Blocks.mossy_cobblestone, 4), new Object [] {Blocks.cobblestone, Blocks.vine});
  20. Because the whole thing goes through loads of changes not just the heads, it's not just adding heads, head postion change, size changes, models of tails and legs and back all change too
  21. well I'm making a greek myth mod, so I was planning on have a portal be built in the original overworld, which would send the player to the myth realm, this realm should have an Olympus dimension and the Hades dimension accessible from there, then in Hades there is the tartarus which I was gonna use a nether dimension and then to indicated the very bottom I was gonna use an end dimension (but remove the mobs and add a custom mob as the embodiment of the tartarus). So olympus being stationed on mount olympus I was gonna use a "structure" to generate the mountain at 0,0,0 of the new overworld, and at the top have a "doorway" which will put the player into the Olympus dimension, and there will be gates which will send the user back to the doorway. For access to Hades, I was gonna have a rare structure called a "Hades' Stone" which when a flute is used near it would teleport users to Charons boat. and If they right-clicked Charon it'd teleport them to the Hades's stone they entered. As Olympus and Hades will generate the stay the same (not randomly generated) the enterance to the tartarus is a giant pit, which the user jumps into, this will then enter them into the nether dimension. In this world nether there will be "The Doors of Death" which is a giant shadow wall which when walked through sends them to an end dimension with just the embodiment of the tartarus which when killed will create an "elevator" which when activated will send the user back to the spawn point of the second overworld. Also just wondering about this I'm creating a hydra I have 5 models each with 1 head more than the last, my idea is when the hydra is hit in the head it is replaced with the next version which is stronger. Until the 5th one just replaces with the same mob. So it has to be killed by it's body is there an easy way to achieve this, or is it easier to do if damaged by player replace it and then if damaged by fire dont?
  22. ok, will do, preferably yes it would be nice to have the two other dimension accessable only from the new dimension but I know how I'm gonna do this, by effectively making two portals spawn in structures and only via that can you access the dimension, stopping people apart from in creative going to the other dimensions
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