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  1. It also doesn't pop or push attributes. Instead of adding the elements yourself you could probably use the multipart system to add the Items model in.
  2. If it's only one item with a finite amount of rotation/positions then you really should just use a json model or a BakedModel. However, if you do want to stick with the TESR check out CampfireTileEntityRenderer it seems it is simpler to render Items with a TESR than what you have.
  3. I would just add onto this with make sure you take breaks and get sleep before you post here too because honestly we all know that really helps you spot the logic mistakes.
  4. If the game can't find a json file it is looking for 99% of the time there will be an error in the log. Same with textures. No tutorials are not slightly bad practice. Tutorials are perfectly fine it's a great way of passing along information. It's bad tutorials which are bad practice. You shouldn't make tutorials if you don't fully understand a concept or what your code does. You can access the vanilla's json files. If you are in eclipse(I don't use any other IDE for Java) under the Referenced Libraries there is a jar called client-extra.jar this contains all of the textures and jsons. If you can't/don't want to use this then you can always go to the .minecraft/versions folder and look in the jar file. And thirdly if a mod has already done something similar and is open source you can look at theirs.
  5. This will always be -0.5 right? Sounds like you need to read the code to understand what it's doing instead of blindly copy-pasting it.
  6. Look at the Placement class implementation for each of them. For example Placement.COUNT_HEIGHTMAP has the AtSurface class implementation. That name tells me that it gives placements at the surface. This depends on where you want to place things and how you want to place them. A good idea is to look at the vanilla code to see which one it uses when applicable. When not applicable you'll have to deduce which one to use.
  7. You don't need to understand ray tracing to do what you want to do. If you want a code example check out the GhastEntity::FireballAttackGoal::tick on lines 194-203
  8. 1.12.2 is no longer supported on thus forum. Please update to a modern version of Minecraft to receive support. For more information read the LTS at the top of the page.
  9. Did you read my entire post. I told you what was immediately wrong.
  10. WorldEntitySpawner::func_226701_a_(still not renamed in the latest mappings) posts the event, but afterwards calls MobEntity::onInitialSpawn which is where Mobs give themselves equipment. I do believe the infamous's idea is to prevent them from having the default equipment. Especially Wither Skeletons and Zombie Pigmen.
  11. Generally it helps if you give more information. What is it doing vs what you want it to do? The first thing I notice is you are using Item::onItemUse. Item::onItemUse is called when the player right clicks on a Block. Check out this video. It talks about the basic Item methods. You want Item::onItemRightClick
  12. What Draco said might be true. However, I would set a breakpoint in RepairContainer::updateRepairOutput and see where it fails to find the output.
  13. I mean you can still do it that way it's just bad practice. It was like this in 1.14 too. Copy source code. Fix compilation errors.
  14. Post the log file not the crash file. They would be under run/logs
  15. Well you can always uninstall Java 9+ installations.
  16. Right click on your Project in the package explorer. Properties. Java Compiler
  17. Sounds like it is either not saving or not loading. Could you post all of the classes for the Capability. Preferably as a github repo.
  18. You could do that or if you use HashSet you get constant time checking if it is in the Set. So the finding the network that contains this position is O(n) where n is the number of networks.
  19. If you want your ore generation or anything to be determined by another mod use IMC events. IE if you receive a message that says Cancel: OREID or something don't add that ore to the world gen. Just some cleanup stuff in your @Mod class. You don't use the Regsiter<Block> event down at the bottom. Nothing else immediately pops out at me.
  20. Yes but my method already knows of all the pipe connections, where as yours does not. You have to do something like. for Direction dir : Direction.values() TileEntity t = world.getTileEntity(pos.offset(dir)); // Etc. Where as mine already has a Set<BlockPos> where that is all of the connections. This set is updated when a block is placed or removed from the network. Then pathfinding runs on this set. Which also allows it to run on a separate thread as the World is not thread safe.
  21. The problem is that your AttachCapabilityEvent function is static, but the way you registered it it should not be static. Another thing I noticed is you are doing some stuff in FMLCommonSetupEvent that is not thread safe. Basically anything that interacts with Vanilla Minecraft and potentially forge, such as biomes, needs to be done inside the event, but also using DeferredWorkQueue.runLater
  22. So your current approach is to query the world for every block in the network every time the network is updated. This works but is sadly a slower way having to access the World for every block and connection direction. This is still stored in memory. And you have the same set of inserting pipes for every extracting pipe on a network.
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