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  1. And instead of defining blockstates like this: ... "variants": { "normal": { "model": "orientable" }, "inventory": { "model": "orientable" }, "facing=north": { "model": "orientable" }, "facing=east": { "model": "orientable", "y": 90 }, "facing=south": { "model": "orientable", "y": 180 }, "facing=west": { "model": "orientable", "y": 270 } ... Define them like this: https://github.com/WiseOwl5/RobotiCraft/blob/master/1.11/src/main/resources/assets/roboticraft/blockstates/steam_engine.json#L11-L35
  2. Your getMetaFromState returns 0. You have to return a value or it won't save as Lhykos pointed out. I have a class that does this. You can find it here: https://github.com/WiseOwl5/RobotiCraft/blob/master/1.11/src/main/java/wiseowl5/roboticraft/Blocks/BlockSteamEngine.java#L74-L77 You would, from the state, get the value, cast it to an EnumFacing, and get the index.
  3. I am updating a mod (EnviroMine) that adds a HUD to display information to the player. I have no idea how to where to start. How would I add this 1.11?
  4. Never heard of those either. I'll read up on that.
  5. Are you registering your models anywhere then? That's interesting. Never heard of doing it that way.
  6. Hmm... Can you post your client proxy?
  7. And why did you create a pack.mcmeta? That's for resource packs and is not related to modding.
  8. Is your ModId lowercase? If not, change to such.
  9. I don't think you are supposed to implement IInventory. Capabilities is the new way.
  10. You'll also have to implement ITickable I believe.
  11. Ok, you're close. You need to override both hasCapability and getCapability. Also, who'll need to have an ItemStackHandler field in your class and write and read it to and from NBT by overriding writeToNBT and readFromNBT. I'll check my code to make sure it's correct though.
  12. Ya, I guess you can do it like that. That's another way.
  13. Create a block class the overrides hasTileEntity and getTileEntity and make the getTileEntity method return a new instance of your tile entity class (create one if you haven't already). In your tile entity expose a capability for an ItemStackHandler (read this). Then if you want a gui, they are basically the same as 1.8. Edit: I hope that was easy to understand. If it wasn't, I can explain a little more.
  14. Well, there is shadow facts, but if you want GUIs I don't think there is any. Basically there is no IInventory anymore, you use a ItemStackHandler field in your tile entity class a use capabilities to save it.
  15. Yes, but it looks like you haven't called the init method or the register method, you only called the registerRenderers method.
  16. Oh, that's why. You have to register the armor items before you can register the renderers.
  17. NullPointers are easy to diagnose. It means you tried to reference something when it is null. Can you show where you called the register methods?
  18. Ok, thanks for the help. Oops. I knew that, just missed one of them.
  19. I make a block that has a partially transparent texture and I want it be clear like glass is. I copied the glass code and now my block sees right through the ground. How would I fix this? Here is pictures of this and my code:
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