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  1. You could add an AI task to the entities that looks for the block in their shouldExecute(), kind of like EntityAIOcelotSit.
  2. You do not have CoroAI. Either time. Block ID conflict. Look at your configs or get IDResolver.
  3. No, only EntityAnimals can be inLove. Bats are not EntityAnimals, so that won't work.
  4. Overwrite mcp/eclipse with mcp/forge/fml/eclipse. You are seeing the default (non-Forge) mcp workspace.
  5. You sure your class file is named that? Case matters.
  6. Which version of Forge are you using? Looks like it could be the bed bug from from before #382.
  7. Taking a stab as I look at redstone code. It looks like you do a scheduleBlockUpdate and rename your onUpdate() method to be updateTick() instead.
  8. You have other mods. They are not for Minecraft 1.4.5.
  9. Copy mcp/forge/fml/eclipse to mcp/eclipse and see if that fixes it.
  10. Seems to me the eclipse/ directory isn't copying over from forge/fml/eclipse like it used to. If you remove the vanilla mcp/eclipse directory and copy the forge/fml/eclipse directory in it's place, things are fine.
  11. Uninstall your 32 bit java and re-install with 64 bit. My guess is you are trying to allocate above the 2g limit.
  12. I'm looking for advice and opinions on changing a vanilla class's tick() method. I'm still pretty new to modding, and my Java is rusty (and wasn't great to begin with). I used reflection in tickStart() and tickEnd() to set/reset some fields in the Village class to effectively change the (hard-coded) Iron Golem:Villager ratio. I feel kind of dirty about it. Is this a common practice or something that should be used sparingly or not at all? Is there another or better way to do this kind of thing?
  13. I'm working on replacing some of the default behavior of mobs by adding my own AI Tasks, then iterating and removing the original versions, when the onEntityJoinWorld event fires. As expected, this occasionally results in a ConcurrentModificationException when some other method is iterating over the taskEntries as I remove. Is there any way around this or some method I'm missing to take care of this for me? Code: @ForgeSubscribe public void onEntityJoinedWorld (EntityJoinWorldEvent event) { if (event.entity instanceof EntityAnimal) animal = (EntityAnimal)event.entity; if (animal != null) { //System.out.println("Adding replacement tasks for animals"); animal.tasks.addTask(9, new EntityAIWanderAnimal(animal, 0.3F)); // Remove EntityAIWander task Iterator i = animal.tasks.taskEntries.iterator(); while (i.hasNext()) { try { AITask = (EntityAITaskEntry)i.next(); } catch (java.util.ConcurrentModificationException e) { System.out.println("Exception caught.. continuing.."); break; } finally { } if (AITask.action instanceof EntityAIWander) { //System.out.println("Found match. Removing AIWander"); i.remove(); } } } }
  14. Spoiler tags are your friend. I had this problem with More Swords, it doesn't seem to register it's dungeon loot in a correct way. Take it out and see if your problem resolves.
  15. Answered here - http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php?action=post;topic=3340.0;last_msg=21839 - someone ain't spawning their mobs right.
  16. Are you trying to run Minecraft 1.4.2? All of your mods are for 1.3.2. That don't work.
  17. As discussed here, and also over at MCF, certain combinations of mods can result in a crash when a mob with a higher entity type ID is spawned. I managed to work around this by removing the cast to byte on line 55 of Packet24MobSpawn.java, which made me feel very, very dirty. this.type = (byte)EntityList.getEntityID(par1EntityLiving); I googled a bit, but couldn't find any definite information on the potential impact of this, though I did find an MCF post from August saying that Forge supported higher entity IDs. This made me wonder if the mod authors were using some older ModLoader-style spawning methods instead of the native Forge methods, or if I'm just misunderstanding and need to limit the number of mobs I put into my game. Thanks for any insight!
  18. I recommend MultiMC for launching. I did some digging yesterday, pulling apart the code. The error/stack trace definitely points to entity spawning, I just haven't been able to figure out where the requests to spawn an entity with a negative ID is originating. I did put a stupid hack in Forge to change all negative ID entities to some other mob, and that made the crashing go away. I feel like there is a better way to handle these bad cases, but just not sure what it is yet. I'm going to keep trying to track down the root of the problem, but now I no longer believe it's ID Resolver.
  19. Have to do with rendering a moving object.. like some entity is in an invalid location or something. Maybe try deleting your player .dat from the server?
  20. If only there was some obvious place where you were to read before posting that answered some excessively asked questions
  21. Do you have anything like: [iNFO] [sTDOUT] Skipping Entity with id -128 In your Forge logs right before the crashes occur? I'm suspecting IDResolver might have something to do with this.. I have to do some more testing though.
  22. I think it's a little more complicated than that.. I ran DivineRPG and MoC for a good 20 minutes (just flying around) and didn't have any problems at all. If you run just MoC, does it still crash for you?
  23. I get this one randomly, too (with 70-some mods). I also saw it reported on MinecraftForums with just Mo' Creatures and DivineRPG, but couldn't replicate it myself using that setup. There is a very similar report from someone with a ModLoader install, so I'm beginning to suspect it's something in Minecraft proper, or something that ModLoader and FML do the same. If anyone smarter than me is interested and can figure out what exactly this is pointing to, here is the ML report I found: I did have one world that was broken, and after removing Mo' Creatures from my set, it loaded back up. Would be interested to see if you get the same behavior.
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