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Cannot Find Symbol ItemGroup.TAB_MISC

Rad Poseidon

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I'm trying to register a new item, however compilation tells me that the Symbol ItemGroup.TAB_MISC cannot be found. I am using the latest MDK (36.2.4) for Minecraft 1.16.5 and I have it setup in VSCode

public static final RegistryObject<Item> BandageItem = ITEMS.register("bandage", () -> new Item(
	new Item.Properties().tab( ItemGroup.TAB_MISC )
) );
Hard_Knock_Life\src\main\java\com\rad_poseidon\hardknocklife\item\ModItems.java:16: error: cannot find symbol
                new Item.Properties().tab( ItemGroup.TAB_FOOD )
  symbol:   variable TAB_FOOD
  location: class net.minecraft.item.ItemGroup
1 error

I've considered changing to a Java Dedicated IDE, but it should still work with VSCode, which is what I would prefer to keep using.
I have imported net.minecraft.item.ItemGroup as well. Peeking the definition of TAB_MISC shows it fine

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Just as I was booting up VS Code to double check, VSCode stopped saying TAB_MISC and just said MISC. I'm not sure why it is just now doing it though because I reloaded VSCode several times and even rebuild the project from scratch. Sorry for the trouble, I guess it had something to do with my mappings setting. 

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