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Horse Armor/Saddle Hooks


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Well with the 1.6 Release, one of the biggest additions was Horses and Horse related items. being a mod writer i am intrigued buy the idea of adding Horse armor to my mods. but because Mojang loves its hard coded and lazy methods of programing it is imposable to add horse armor without base class editing or using a core mod. beside base class editing being completely out of the question, core mod isn't a great idea ether because it would make the mod incompatible with other mods doing the same thing. So my suggestion is to add a few Hooks for adding horse armor(and maybe even the same functions for saddles) similar to the hooks for regular armor. Hooks in the item class like


-boolean isValidHorseArmor(ItemStack stack, EntityHorse entity)

-String getHorseArmorTexture(ItemStack stack, EntityHorse entity)

-int getHorseArmorValue(ItemStack stack, EntityHorse entity)


and maybe even hooks for custom models and colors

-ModelBase getHorseArmorModel(ItemStack stack, EntityHorse entity)

-int getHorseArmorColor(ItemStack stack, EntityHorse entity)


I have actually started writing the code to do this and was going to submit a pull request to the forge git-hub page(when i finished) but i wanted to see if any of the forge devs had started work on this idea or if i did submit that it wouldn't be instantly rejected.


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